Paris Hilton Raps With Snoop Dogg

Oh, that fun loving Paris Hilton — always down for anything. If she senses the glare of a camera she’s ready to churn something out. No matter if it’s a crappy album, movie, reality TV show, hair extension brand, chihuahua clothing line…or an impromptu freestyle rap with Snoop Dogg? Check out this video from MTV’s Dogg After Dark where Paris somehow got employed to serve drinks.

Readers: meet resident “thug” P. Hizzle:

So what do you think? Does P. Hizzle have a future on BET’s 106 and Park? Remember: all she needs is the tiniest bit of encouragement and by this summer she’ll be blabbing to entertainment reporters everywhere about her new hip-hop album. Trust.

Gallery Info: Screenshots of Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg on Dogg After Dark