Paris Hilton Presumably Had A “Job” Before This

I had no idea Paris Hilton could get fired from something, mostly because I find it hard to believe that she actually held a job of some sort. But in fact, she did. And that job was to party. And the dumb ho couldn’t even show up to do it. This is some ridiculous-ass shit. From CNN:

Two nightclubs known as Club Paris will no longer be associated with their namesake — Paris Hilton, according to the club’s owner. Fred Khalilian said he “fired” the hotel heiress because she has failed to attend scheduled appearances at the location in downtown Orlando. The troubles started two years ago when Hilton showed up six hours late for the grand opening, Khalilian said.

That’s some of the dumbest shit I’ve heard in a while. That would be like me showing up late to a job that required me to loll around in my pajamas, whilst occasionally napping, eating pizza and watching “Ugly Betty.” Because trust me, if I got paid to do that, my ass would be ON TIME.

More photos of Paris Hilton with some new hair after the jump.

Paris Hilton ‘fired’ by namesake nightclub [CNN]


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