Paris Hilton Pees In A Cab

January 20th, 2006 // 11 Comments

We’ve found out what we’ve known all along, Paris Hilton isn’t very intelligent. All was revealed in the deposition that she gave in connection with a defamation lawsuit filed by Zeta Graff against Ms. Hilton. One example:

In her deposition, Hilton is asked about a companion that night whose first name was Terry. When asked if she knew his last name, Hilton replied: “It is like a weird Greek name. Like Douglas.”

The socialite seemingly has a hard time deciphering the difference between a toilet and a cab.

Paris Hilton’s Publicists Are Trying To Silence A Hawaiian Taxi Driver who claims the socialite urinated in his cab.

Harden Jameison tells American tabloid National Enquirer the hotel heiress was too drunk to notice she’d wet herself when he picked her and boyfriend Stavros Nicharos up after a party on Maui.

The disgusted cab driver claims he mopped up the mess with a towel and plans to use Hilton’s own DNA as evidence against her.

Jamison has gone public with his story after getting threatened by Hilton’s heavies, who hitched a ride in his cab, after making it known that he has a towel drenched with the socialite’s urine.

He says, “They were all drunk and abusive. I kicked them out and flagged down a cop.” The cab driver claims one of Hilton’s pals offered him $200 (£111) for the towel.

Ewww. He kept the towel that he used to clean up her pee with? Paris is shown, in the photos below, running out of a colonic clinic.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mariana

    Maybe the peeing’s caused by a prolapsed vulva from so much strange dick?

    Or maybe she just finally realized that yes, she did fuck Scott Storch and pissed herself from the grossness.

  2. taytay


  3. Lola

    I think her inarticulate deposition was done on purpose. Perhaps I am giving her too much credit…but I doubt it. I don’t think she’s as dumb as she would like to seem. Do you think that she would try to come off as intelligent when she’s sitting in court and being accused of slander? Of course not. She wants to seem like a simpleton to blame it all on her former publicist. Paris is extremely media savvy. Don’t be one to get fooled by her.
    At one point in the deposition she said, “I am so hungry.” Enough said.
    Respect her for fooling you.

  4. doofus

    she wasn’t so smart that she forgot to cover her paper trail…her publicist kept her emails to him on the subject, and they supposedly indicate pretty clearly that this item in Page Six was HER idea.

    and have any of you read any more of the transcript? I don’t think she’s smart enought to act that dumb…I think she’s really that dumb.

    she likes to act like she’s some smart-as-a-whip business woman, but she’s got advisors out the wazoo who tell her what to do, business wise.

  5. doofus

    oh, and regarding the peeing incident…I hope that cabbie sues her for “damages” caused to his cab, that the “pee-towel” is tested for DNA, and all of it comes out in court. she’s NASTY.

    oh, and mariana…LOVED the Scott Storch comment…he’s gotta be one of the grossest people on the planet. a talented producer, perhaps, but the ego and the “look” he cultivates is just too much.

  6. Anna

    Why is she running? Embarrassed because she got caught at the clinic last time? She can’t be that bright, because she seems to think that running rather than walking makes her invisible to a camera’s lens.

  7. Cynthia

    Respect her?!? She does not even have respect for herself. She is dumber than a box of rocks.

  8. Natasha

    The stupid moron MAY have poor bladder control…but you’ve gotta hand it to her- even when she looks bad, she looks great. Sigh… Bitch.

  9. Alexi

    Wow, cab peeing? That explains a lot. It must be because she was either so spoiled or has no goals to aim towards whatsoever. You’d think that they would take ettiquette courses but then again they grew up in the West Coast. They could’ve learned a thing or two from the East Coast heiresses.

    And damn it, if you have the money, you can damn pee wherever you please. Wait, Paris doesn’t really have any money. HAHAAHHAHAHAHAHa.

  10. Quel

    I don’t blame him for keeping the towel. He needs evidence.

  11. heyitsme!

    Yep…a reeeeeal classy one, that Paris is….

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