Paris Hilton Meets The Man Who Bought Her Stuff

You remember when someone purchased Paris Hilton’s belongings that had been left in a warehouse? The gentleman, David Hans Schmidt, made a surprise appearance at her Macy’s launch for her new fragrance. He presented Paris a photo of herself and Nicky to sign.

“Make it out to ‘The Guy Who Has My Storage Locker Stuff,'” said David Hans Schmidt, who then introduced himself as the broker of the secret diaries, videotapes and snapshots that went on the auction block when she didn’t pay her storage bill. “That stuff can’t be published,” the wide-eyed Hilton told Schmidt.

“Like your sex video?” said Schmidt, who has offered to sell Hilton’s possessions back to her. (Just to jog her memory about the Hilton family heirlooms, he showed her a photo of herself as a little girl holding baby sister Nicky.) Hilton told Schmidt she’d meet with him in L.A. She also signed his picture: “To David, Love Paris Hilton xoxo.”

He was gentlemanly about the whole thing, and is more than willing to sell her back her belongings.

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