Paris Hilton Loves Wine In A Can

Paris Hilton was on a European tour earlier this year, but she was not promoting her album. Instead, she was promoting Italy’s very own wine in a can -RICH prosecco. I have to say that Italians might be on to something here, using a Hollywood socialite to promote something that seems too absurd to grasp-pure genius! I can’t believe we go from wine in box to wine in a can – how the world has changed!

A company spokesman stated that since Paris had promoted the beverage last month during Munich’s Oktoberfest it has been quite popular with the beer drinkers. Is that because they were too hammered to realize that what they thought they were drinking was in fact, beer just because it came in a can? Who knows what they were thinking those crazy Germans they do love their alcohol! Apparently, Paris has some magical powers because the sales numbers have been quite impressive – maybe we should buy some stock in this company and make a few billion like the Hilton family. So if you are in Europe this weekend take some time to purchase some wine in a can and let your taste buds enjoy the fruity flavors!

More photos of Paris Hilton partying in Spain after the jump.

Paris Hilton unleashes German canned-wine excitement [The Berlin Paper]

Written by Christy Pastore

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