Paris Hilton Loves The CInema

pariscope Rumors of a third Paris Hilton sex tape are circulating. Apparently, the tape(s) involved group sex and lesbian footage. Now were talking. The new tape does not feature Rick Solomon or Nick Carter, so I guess some new people got to stay in the Hilton. Rick and Kathy Hilton must be pleased as punch with this possible development.

All of these porn tapes are fueling the rumor that Paris is negotiating to do a legit porn film. Maybe Showtime could develop a reality series on the making of Paris’ legit porn film. Think of the product placement opportunities for the Hilton family. Paris could be wearing nothing but her jewelry line, the film could take place in and outside a Hilton hotel (location shots are always more exciting). I’m sure she could give Tara Reid some work, by using her as an extra. I can’t wait.

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