Paris Hilton Launches Paris Hilton

September 2nd, 2005 // 38 Comments

Paris loves the head tilt. What’s up with that?

(Images Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Snoz

    It diminishes the size of her nose…

  2. Snoz

    snoz?? schnoz??? how do you spell that?

  3. julia

    What’s new

  4. Andrea

    Head tilt equals appeasment. She’s a people pleaser!

  5. Antigone

    She tilts that head any further and her brain will drip out her ear

  6. LARS

    do you think she keeps a log of all the cock she has had inside of her? or is there a running average she keeps in her head?

  7. j

    it helps elongate the jaw line so that your face will appear slimmer.

  8. papa

    i guess also makes her crooked eye appear straight.

  9. cj21

    Just try to find any picture of her with her head not tilted (drunk pictures don’t count – she seems to forget the tilt then).

  10. Robin

    I actually attended a seminar put on by the FBI regarding nonverbal cues and they used her head tilt as an example of a common nonverbal cue showing the person is a hystrionic.

  11. dish

    Someone somewhere once told her it made her look good. Seriously, nothing would make that beak look any smaller.
    BTW, anyone got the pictures of her with her natural brown eyes?

  12. Pleasantly disturbed

    She tilts the horses head in anticipation of meds. I know, I’m a Vet.

  13. dottcomm1

    it’s no different than jennifer love hewitt’s standard “ballet” pose – feet in first position, head down and tilted a bit. they were probably trained to be that way. unnatural and awkward, thinking they look good, not like the mannequins they really are.

  14. rubypinkhearts

    I was at the launch in Toronto yesterday. After seeing her in person she really doesn’t look like anything special.

  15. Jacquelina

    Bitch should drop dead already! This is the longest 15 minutes ever!

  16. ruby_Lou

    Shes still trying to get “Nicole” outta her head with the tilt and it still isnt working….

  17. tosh

    you know how her brain is like so small and head so big. with that much empty space between her ears she gotta tilt her head to concentrate all that gray matter in one place before she can use it.

  18. whatyousay

    what she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for in head tilts.

  19. loverboy

    Cuz it alters the true appearance of her lazy eye.

    She also does quarter view poses to loose the lazy eye look also.

  20. Neferi

    It remains to be seen if and when this problem will reach critical mass and the world will see this superficial reptile for what she is. Ignorance is the most important social phenomenon in this society today. It is the only reason why the people at large do not have a very negative view of some animalistic, neo feudalist broad who refers to everybody else as “such losers!” (direct quote) So-called mainstream media sources, who want to be invited to Hilton parties, provide only very positive coverage. Very few even know about her claim of royalty status.

  21. Dan

    It’s neck exercise needed for someone who goes down as much as she does.

  22. Valeri

    This is the Disney Princess pose! My 3 girls (7,6 and 4) all use it in every picture. Look at all the Disney pic’s, it’s a style thing.

  23. Cynthia

    Just one more annoying trait of an annoying individual. How this girl has fans I will never understand. Kind of goes to show that people really are stupid, to idolize an uneducated, brain dead, racist, materialistic, shallow whore.

  24. Cynthia

    And Pleasantly Disturbed (aka i-is-a-ho) is a vet? In what war? Horses don’t tilt their heads like that (in anticipation of meds?!?) They throw their heads back as their necks go higher. And even if you were a vet (of course you are not) you must not be a very good one, as every single vet I’ve ever known was waaaay too busy (especially large animal vets) to be making nasty comments to people (especially to cancer patients) on the internet. Sounds like YOU are the one who should be taking your meds.

  25. YouKnowWho

    It depresses me to think this vapid whore is actually famous for being a vapid whore.

    No amount of plastic surgery and nose jobs is going ot hide the fact she represents how pathetic our society has become.

  26. Daisy

    Maybe I am old or something, but wasn’t there once a time when people actually looked down on vapid whores? And this vapid whore has actual ‘fans’? WTF?!?

  27. Jacquelina

    Am I ever relieved to find out that I am not the only person in the world who doesn’t think this bitch is great. It depresses me too, when I think how she is treated as something special, when really, she is, as you say, just a vapid whore. Why does anyone pay attention to her at all? What have we become?

  28. Nora

    hahaha! good one Cynthia! Pleasantly disturbed definitely sounds disturbed. But, at least (in her name) she admits to it. The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one!

  29. Pleasantly disturbed

    Dearest Cynthia. You’re such a genius. I am an old veteran and yes I did criticize someone by mistake.(Apologized twice), but I guess you are keeping score. As to your comprehension of large animals practices, that’s understandable, because you are one. Large and busy. Let the Trolls feed, now.

  30. brittni

    Paris is simply getting her angle.
    Get it right, or get a life.

  31. Magnus

    My latest celebrity mag, this week’s edition of New Weekly, big magazine in Australia, has those shots on the front cover with this heading:


    On the cover they have a shot of Angelina holding hands with Wyclef. And that shot of her looking at him like a bitch on heat i.e 2 large pics

    Inside Angelina is painted as a bitch and Brad as totally and utterly pussywhipped. Good on the editors of the magazine, called New Weekly, for picking up on what a whore she is. The heading inside is “Angelina betrays Brad”.

    The article also said that Brad had met with her dad, John Voigt behind her back and Angelina was FURIOUS.The article says that Brad is heartbroken that Angelina has publicly humiliated him.

    Let’s face it, Jen would never have done anything like this. Angelina is starting to treat him like dirt. It must be boring for her to have lapdog Pitt panting at her heels all the time. The sparks are beginning folks – this is going to be a fun ride.

    Here’s a link to a picture of the cover so that you can see it for yourselves. Priceless!:§ionname=insidehollywood

    And check this out:

    Enjoy it with my compliments! Pictures speak a thousand words.

    Quote: Ange betrays Brad – The smitten hunky actor is devastated as his sexy lover gets super-close to another man at a star-studded benefit concert in New York

    Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt has been left heartbroken after his new lover Angelina Jolie was caught openly flirting and gazing adoringly at reggae and hip-hop musician Wyclef Jean. The brunette tore the actor’s family dreams apart when she reportedly fell for the solo artist and former member of The Fugees at a Haitian Relief Benefit on Long Island in New York.

    The chemistry between the glamorous couple was said to be red-hot as Wyclef hit the stage in front of a star-studded crowd, which included actresses Lindsay Lohan and Meryl Streep and rock singer Jon Bon Jovi. But no-one was more into Wyclef’s performance than Ange, 30, who stunned onlookers by gazing lovingly at the singer. In fact, rarely did Ange’s gaze leave the musician as she danced seductively while making eyes at him on the dance floor.

    At one point, 32-year-old Wyclef even serenaded the mum-of-two and took a sip from her wine glass, the pair getting closer as the night went on. Away from the crowds, the Tomb Raider actress was spotted in a cosy moment with the music man as they strolled together hand-in-hand.


    The slut’s up to her old tricks and Brad is getting a taste of what’s in store! Hopefully it will shock him enough to wake up and get the hell out of there before she adopts another 5 kids!

    Can’t say I feel sorry for him – what goes around comes around.

  32. Patrick

    To post No. 11 if you go to bad plastic it has all kinds of pictures of her a a teenager with her natural brown eyes. I am sure she is not really happy about this….also I agree she tilts her head so much to try to “hide” the hooked nose and lazy eye. It is not really working, I wonder if she realizes this?

  33. Cynthia

    Yes, Disturbed, you did apologize. And yes, I am a bit reluctant to find any understanding. I recently lost a friend to stomach cancer,who left behind a husband and three children. I can not fathom struggling with a disease like that, and it made me angry that you made a nasty comment to that woman who was having to deal with cancer. I know I should work on being more forgiving, but I can not find forgiveness for that which I perceive to be evil.
    I understand large animals because I work with horses, which, by the way, sometimes have a lot more compassion and understanding than some humans.
    Now, I will move on and forget your little comment…..

  34. Lemonae

    Wat pisses me off is that she is rich and famous and has done nothing at all to deserve it. She was simply born into a mega rich family and therefore grew up with other famous rich kids. Wat is even worse is that people IDOLISE her! Firstly, she has done nothing great to deserve ppls praise and adoration. Therefore people must be idolising her for the way she looks, which is equally as stupid. Anyone could look like her if they had zillions of dollars to throw around!

    Things that are FAKE:

    1. her body (personal trainer and plastic surgen)
    2. her perfectly golden all year round tan (we wud all look like that too if we had 2 litres of top grade fake tan sprayed ova us every second day!)
    3. her nose (luckly on her second nose job she fucked up and now has the nose of a witch)
    4. her perfect caribbean blue eyes (again, if we had the money to afford hand painted top of the range contacts our eyes cud be transformed from cat shit brown to crystal blue too)
    5. her gorgeous creamy blonde tresses (extentions and tons and tons of PEROXIDE!!!!)

    the list goes on….

    God Paris, for all we know you had a little tantrum when u weren’t tall enuf to be a model so your daddy paid for you to have your legs broken and lengthened!

  35. M Factor

    Gratis , Cynthia. I in no way meant to comment on a terminally ill person. In my haste I used her screen name. (My fault) But you have personally beat me up for it like I was trying to hurt her. Sounds dumb, but these boards are supposed to be fun. Pl. Dist.

  36. paula

    she pays alot of money for those blue contacts, but sometimes in pictures you can see the brown show through. She is ugly, I don’t care what color her lazy eye(s) are.

  37. eve

    she tilts her head because it caputres a better look
    i tilt my head in photo shoots or wen im modelling

  38. g2g

    i love her i would wanna have to be her little sister if i could be

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