Paris Hilton is the Worst

February 5th, 2007 // 14 Comments

So everyone’s buzzing about this blind item the New York Daily News ran:

Which celebutard whose racist language has recently been back in the news, thanks to the Internet, has developed a code word for her bigotry? She now refers to African-Americans as “Lolas.”

And they ain’t talking about Brooke Astor. What an evil bitch. You heard the one where she sang that whole song about minorites with the shitty lyrics and stuff, right? She’s such a gigantic asshole. She has her own gravity she’s such a huge asshole. Watch out, she’ll suck you right in. I hope a “Lola” sees her on the street and beats the snot out of her. Barry Manilow should sue.


By J. Harvey

  1. J Dawg

    somehow, as much as I think she is a ‘tard, I doubt this statement. But, if true, it might just be her way of jumping on the inflammatory bandwagon of insults that are flying around shows and etc.

  2. so she’s racist? isnt her so-called BFF, nicole richie, african american? and the thing that gets me is no matter what stupid thing she does for some reason paris is still popular. i just dont get it.

  3. d

    Wow.. As a “lola”, I would not touch that herped thing. She is sad and a waste. Such a waste… Her parent’s should be so proud.

  4. Unknown

    So is there anyone out there who still thinks this skank is wonderful? I mean, over the age of twelve? I can not find one decent thing about this trashy ho!

    What cracked me up about the racist video was where she called a girl a public school ho or something to that affect. Geez Paris, Mommy and
    Daddy could afford to send you to a PRIVATE school and you were STILL too dumb to even graduate! But you put other people’s education down?!?
    PLEASE, someone…make her go away!

  5. messica

    I just call them n’s. Or Canadians.

  6. Kel

    She’s so useless and pathetic. I hope a giant herpes blister engulfs her anorexic frame.

  7. lilimj

    Paris better hit the road to another country maybe. She sure has burned herself here. Let’s see her PR get her out of this one.

  8. Jazz

    Say it loud – I’m a LOLA and proud!!! Lol. d, what do you mean by ‘her parents’ should be proud’?? Where on God’s good earth do you think her bigotry came from?? You know what they say – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!

    Her name was LOLA, she was a showgirl, la la la…….

  9. gneirre

    You are right Diane. Nicole Ritchie is African-American, and to me, the dumbest one out of the two. When you know your best friend is racist and is insulting YOUR RACE on camera (or any race for that matter), why would you still have this person as a friend?

    Money, prestige, and lineage does not a class act make. With the hate she is spewing and the acts of public disgrace, I would say Paris is as ghetto as it gets.

  10. Victoria

    Ignorance, thy name is Paris

  11. divinemsn

    Nicole Ritchie’s birth parents are of Mexican descent. She was adopted by Lionel Ritchie. So does that make her a “Lola” by adoption?

  12. Josephine Dertz

    Make this Big Bird looking bitch disappear!

  13. dgo

    is this what’s become of Michael Jackson’s child?

  14. gneirre

    Actually, Nicole’s true parents are………….Sheila E’s brother and his high school sweetheart. The story is that they couldn’t afford to raise Nicole (because of drug habits) and Sheila suggested the Ritchie’s.

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