Paris Hilton Is Still In Love With Herself

Paris Hilton’s Weekly Itinerary

Monday: Dump potential STD-carrying boyfriend who looks about as smart as my new Chihuahua

Tuesday: Work on really profound lyrics for my new song. How about “I want to be the bunny in your Easter?”

Wednesday: Make an appearance at local charity event to show the world I care about more important things than my reflection, my pink Bentley and partying in Vegas.

Thursday: Hit up LA club scene to find a new boy toy

Friday: Fall in love again and repeat cycle next week

What an exhausting week!

Good thing Paris got through hump day by making an appearance at Lucky Strikes bowling alley in Hollywood to support the 7th Annual Project A.L.S. Benefit just to mix up the drama of seeing recent ex, Doug Reinhardt, whore himself out around town.

The good news is, Paris is back to her main priority of the world revolving around her and stops to take a Twit pic of her own billboard after leaving the bowling alley.

Of course she did.

Check out the video after the jump.