Paris Hilton Is An Idiot

Paris Hilton, the one who dropped off the radar for awhile and then was caught with cocaine, is a complete dumb ass. This is not news. However, she is even more dense than we ever could have imagined. She is claiming that the purse they found her cocaine in wasn’t actually hers. This is a problem considering she tweeted a picture of that exact same purse back in July.

“Love My New Chanel Purse I got Today!” the tweet pic says. Notice the capitalization of all the words except ‘got’. Awesome. Even more awesome than her mugshot.

I love Twitter. Celebrities show their true colors with that shit. Its beautiful. You can actually incriminate them with their own tweets. Remember back in the old Hollywood days when Cary Grant and Grace Kelly remained a classy mystery to the public? Imagine the tweets Marilyn Monroe would have had! Scandals abound I say!

Paris Hilton tried to fool us into believing she was just in love with that douche-tard Doug Reinhardt for awhile, but we knew that the same old Paris would return. Thank God.