Paris Hilton: ‘I’m The Closest Thing To American Royalty’

Paris Hilton is demanding a royal wedding; she wants to get married in London’s Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral or Windsor Castle. However, since she’s not royalty, she may have a little problem with that request.

“I’ve got my heart set on a ceremony at St Paul’s or Westminster, but I’ve had to write to the Prince (Charles) to ask for a dispensation because I don’t qualify.

“But the actual event is going to have a royal theme and London is the only place to do that. I’m the closest thing to American royalty anyway.”

This said as JFK Jr. rolls over in his grave. We’ll let’s hope that Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis make it to the altar. The happy couple was seen fighting outside the trendy West Hollywood restaurant Dan Tana’s.

At first, Hilton had romance in mind for dessert, as she sat on Latsis’ lap and kissed and cuddled him while they — along with her sister Nicky and another female friend — waited for their cars after dinner.

But just a few minutes into their passionate embrace, Hilton, 24, abruptly stood up with a scowl, placed her hands on her hips and announced to Latsis, 22, “I have to go with my sister tonight.” She then stormed off and stood looking forlorn and near tears about 30 feet away.

Although Latsis quickly ran to Hilton and smothered her with kisses, Paris suddenly stomped off again. This time, however, Latsis had had enough. He jumped into his nearby black Ford F-150 pickup truck and roared off, leaving a visibly angry Hilton on the curb.

Young love. It’s such a fragile time. The two of you are in my prayers.

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