Paris Hilton – Hero

Word has it that Paris Hilton feared the same type of anal raping that befell Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. If you’re unfamiliar with the Joe Francis case, here’s a refresher.

A shirtless male figure lies face down on a mattress, his head resting on a pillow. His eyes flutter at half-mast. His mouth is puddled in a stuporous grin, and he looks very, very high. The camera pans to reveal his pants dragged down around his knees and a pink vibrator resting on the crest of his buttocks, lazily gyrating with an irritating whine. The mood is hardly erotic. The man on the screen looks like a hostage in one of those videos streaming out of war-ravaged Iraq: disheveled, sleep-deprived, disoriented, and, just maybe, fearing something on the order of an on-camera beheading. “My name is Joe Francis,” he says repeatedly in a damaged monotone, slurring his words in a continuous stream. “I’m from Boys Gone Wild, and I like it up the ass.”

Now here is where Paris Hilton comes in.

Hilton revealed to Francis, 32, in late 2004 that she overheard on the Hollywood party scene that suspect Darnell Riley, 28, and another man were responsible for the terrifying home-invasion, the producer said.

“Paris Hilton pulled me aside at a party. ‘I’m being extorted by Darnell Riley for $20,000 a month and he’s threatened to kill me if I don’t pay,'” Francis quoted the hotel heiress during a cross-examination at Riley’s preliminary hearing.

A spokesman for Hilton could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Riley is accused of robbing Francis inside his home and forcing the producer at gunpoint to perform demeaning sex acts on himself, which he videotaped.

If it weren’t for Paris coming forward, Darnell Riley would have never been caught. Now Joe Francis has testified that Darnell Riley was also trying to extort money from Paris Hilton. I tip my tiara to you Paris.

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