Paris Hilton Has ADD

According to TMZ, the mysterious medical illness that was the cause of Paris Hilton’s release from jail to serve her time under house arrest is Attention Deficit Disorder:

We’re told Hilton is taking Adderall for her ADD. Although our sources were not specific, we’re told Hilton was not receiving all of her medications at Lynwood. As a result, Hilton was having severe panic attacks in jail. There were times she was so debilitated, she could not push the panic button in her cell.

Hmm, now I might feel sorry for her if I didn’t know that her dad is already trying to sell the concept of a “Get Out of Jail” party for Paris to a club in Vegas. These people are so gross. Also, I have emotional ADD, so I’ve already pretty much forgotten that I was feeling slightly bad for her at the beginning of this paragraph.