Paris Hilton Has Environmental Ban Lifted

Where Paris Hilton goes, people come. Paris Hilton is on a promotional tour for Prosecco (sparkling wine) in cans in Ischgl in the Tyrolean Alps in Austria.

Paris Hilton had an environmental ban lifted in Austria so she could fly into a PR event. Helicopters are usually are usually forbidden from the resort down Ischgl in Tyrol because of the noise and pollution. Austrian authorities lifted the ban for the hotel heiress, who didn’t to be driven to the launch of a new sparkling wine drink in a can in the Austrian city. (Source: The Scoop)

In other Paris Hilton news, she’s dropped her catch phrase “that’s hot” in favor of “that’s sexy.” We applaud Paris for what I’m sure was hours and hours of debate over what her new signature line should be. “That’s sexy” is so much hotter.

More photos of Paris Hilton doing what she does best (no they aren’t from a sex video), after the jump.

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