Paris Hilton Has A Hickey

December 8th, 2005 // 14 Comments

That’s a pretty icky hickey.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. dottcomm1

    is there anything about paris that isn’t icky?

  2. JP Thrashya

    Well well, if the freak of the week, err… should I say year, doesn’t have a hickey. Did you expect anything less? I’m guessing she is engaged to Count Dracula this time. Either that or her pet monkey bit the shit out of her for being replaced by a ferret.

  3. King Smart Ian

    Please oh please let it be leprosy or some form of flesh eating bacteria

  4. JP Thrashya

    If not leprosy, then the AIDS will be the end to her demise. Oops! Did I leak that out?

  5. babyp

    that was my first thought too – it looks like a sore caused by AIDS. eeeyuck

  6. KittyLiterati

    Not cool, you guys. You should never wish AIDS on anyone.

    Having said that, we can be hopeful that she’s gotten jungle rot from her kinkajou.
    But it’s most likely herpes.

  7. mutterhals

    Didn’t your see “Philadelphia”? It’s AIDS, baby. AIDS!

  8. JaneSays

    Now now, leave her Kaposi alone. Actually, it looks like she had a huge, pus-filled zit there that exploded. AND someone should have advised her to blend her white makeup on her face with the Mystic tan on her neck. She looks like HELLISH SHIT ON A JERKY STICK!!!

  9. alicia

    looks like a cigarrete burn…from siting next to tara all those drunken nights…it’s kinda satisfying to see “perfect” people’s imperfections, we need more of that, makes us “real” people realize that we are all the same….

  10. Silasdog

    I just consulted my doctor’s book, that is the first sign of syphilis. Say “goodbye” Paris.

  11. That is one pair of ugly Blue Blockers!

  12. Cynthia

    You think the glasses are ugly? Check out that awful face and big nose they are riding on!

  13. tigerlily

    hickey? I doubt its from boy toy Stavros…perhaps something from her failed relationship with Baby Luv! Werent there reports that the creature bit her?

  14. LizPhairian

    It’s from a god dammed lack of hair conditioner!!!! Look at that crap…like she poured Elmer’s glue on her head an jumped into a pile of hay bales, and what stuck was good enuf. Buy some fuckin baby soft or something. God i can’t stand her.

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