Paris Hilton Hacked, And Not In A Good Way

pariscope In an effort to reach the 1 million page views be 4pm EST benchmark, I’m posting this Paris Hilton item (I guess I am a traffic whore after all).

I’ve been waiting for my blog husband to post on Paris being hacked, and he comes through with flying colors. A snippet:

Some of the entries are oddly spelled, erratically repeated, and just plain voodoo — like the quixotic “Mr. Chows.” Of course, spelling cannot come easy to a “special person,” like Paris, who has learning as well as racial difficulties, but does she mean “Mr.Chow”? [via The Corsair]

I will cut the girl a little slack, because typing on a cellphone is not always the easiest thing to do. It’s slightly disappointing that Paris uses a Sidekick. Kind of juvenile, don’t you think?

Gawker reports on the Paris Hilton hack/Al Qaeda (non-)connection. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if she was really a sleeper cell. I could see the folks at 24 coming up with a socialite terrorist from hell storyline next year.

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