Paris Hilton Gets Jewels Back After Celeb Teen Buglary Ring Is Busted

Wipe that smirk off of your face bitch, your fifteen minutes of fame are about to be topped off with steel bars, concrete and a 250 pound boyfriend nicknamed The Crusher.

The young man shown above is Nick Pugo, whom Alexis Neires, aka Alexis Taylor (shown below in the photo second from left with the scarf around her head) has named as the ringleader of the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch.

The crime ring is also believed to be responsible for the recent break-ins at the homes of Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge and Orlando Bloom. It remains unclear whether the gang was responsible for other recent burglary victims, which include Rachel Bilson, Hayden Panettiere and Kourtney Kardashian.

Suspect Rachel J. Lee, 19, who detectives believe is the ringleader, was arrested in Las Vegas Thursday, and remains in custody. Lee had an apparent fascination with celebrity fashion.

Other suspects arrested in a sting operation Thursday include Courtney Ames, 18, Diana Tamayo, 19, Alexis Neirs, 18, and Roy Lopez, 27. Nicholas Prugo, 18, was arrested last month and has been formally accused of the Lohan and Patridge burglaries.

However, Alexis Neirs is claiming that Nick Pugo is the ringleader. TMZ spoke with Alexis Neires who wasted no time pointing her finger at suspect Nick Prugo saying, “I know for a fact Nick did all of these burglaries. He did every single burglary, he told me this after the police let him go. Nick is blaming people, trying to get the blame off himself.”

Alexis then described the roles of the other four suspects, “Rachel Lee was his main accomplice and they brought Diana Tamayo into this. Diana, Nick and Rachel did the burglaries together. Roy Lopez was the one who sold the stuff they had taken … and he’s friends with Courtney Ames and that’s why she was arrested.”

For most part all has ended well for Paris Hilton, she received the majority of the $2 million in jewelry that was stolen from her home during the robbery. No word as of yet on if any of the other celebrity’s belongings have been recovered.