Paris Hilton Gets Fingered

Paris was out in London at the club Kabaret’s Prophecy and she proceeded to shove her hands down her underwear all evening long. It seems she’s missing her boyfriend Paris Latsis, which led to the public fingering.

Let’s just say, the bouncers had to ask the hotel heiress to stop fiddling with her knickers and touching herself.”She was dancing on the sofas and on the table her mates were sitting at. Paris is a very sexy dancer and was lifting her dress up. But she kept putting her hands down her knickers. “And let’s just say she looked like she was enjoying her own company.

“It was in front of all the other clubbers, including Kid Rock and Maxi Jazz from Faithless. In the end, the bouncers had a word with her and told her to tone it down. “It was an extraordinary show. It’s not the kind of behaviour you see in there… Apart from the time Calum Best and Lizzie Jagger got a bit too pally with each other by the doors.” Paris and her pals were certainly in high spirits – they put away almost £2,000 of booze at the club, including two bottles of vintage Dom Perignon and three bottles of vodka.

Scarily, Paris’s antics in her pants didn’t bother the other clubbers – although her behaviour with the DJ brought the place to a standstill. We hear, “Paris has recorded a single called Screwed and she carries it around to all the bars, so that she can get it played. She begged the DJ at Kabaret to play it and he did. But it cleared the dancefloor.”

Look for Paris to be clearing dancefloors stateside soon.

Paris is Feeling Touchy [3am]