Paris Hilton Gets Boozy In Cannes

Well, I guess the partying days aren’t over for Paris Hilton. The blond multi-hyphenate partied for nine hours in Cannes. That of course didn’t deter her from making it to her photo shoot the next day. The girl will NEVER miss an opportunity for publicity.

A source at the hotel tells us: “She and her pals started drinking on a yacht at 6pm. Then they moved on to a few other swish drinking holes. “By 2.30am they were still up for a party so they headed to the du Cap, where Hollywood stars such as Val Kilmer are staying.”

The bar had closed at 2am but that didn’t deter Paris and her pals. Our spy says: “She looked a little tired and emotional and headed straight for the bar. She was politely told she was too late, but Paris doesn’t take no for an answer.”

A flunkey was soon dispatched to sweet-talk the bar staff, while Paris, who was looking unusually buxom, staggered into the gents. Our spy continues: “Paris and her friends were in a state of undress in the bathroom when a male guest walked in.”

When she realised her mistake Paris shrieked: “But the sign doesn’t look like a man!” then legged it to the ladies. After sharing a cubicle with her pal she started wiping herself with paper towels, wailing, “Look! I’ve got vodka and tequila all over my dress and my skin!”

Then we’re told: “When she went back to the bar she had a £250 bottle of gin waiting, which her party wasted no time getting stuck into.”

You can take the party out of Paris, but you can’t take out the partying. Huh?

Hilton goes on marathon booze bender [3am]

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