Paris Hilton For Sale

Bardia Persa, creator of, claims that it’s worth the website’s subscription fee to be able to view the items that were obtained from a storage locker in L.A. when they were seized after Hilton was remiss in paying her bill. Originally purchased by David Hans Schmidt–AKA “The Sultan of Sleaze”, known for his ties to the celebrity porn industry–the items were sold to Persa, who in turn created the website for those wishing to get a closer look at the crap Paris had been storing. From E! News Online:

In addition to jewelry, furniture, clothing, diaries, credit card bills, emails, medical records, bank statements and photos, ParisExposed also claims to have letters written by Hilton discussing on-again pal Nicole Richie and sister Nicky, a love note from former boy-toy Nick Carter and a selection of “never before seen sex videos.”

Sounds pretty personal. Hence Hilton’s rep, Elliot Mintz, telling the Associated Press Tuesday that they are certainly “going to explore all of [their] legal options about this matter.”

Unless there’s a well-read copy of “War and Peace,” or a diploma of some kind amongst the pile of Paris’ stuff, I can’t imagine there’d be anything too shocking to see.

More photos of Paris Hilton on the set of her new movie after the jump.

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