Paris Hilton Follows Robert Pattinson To Tokyo

Well this is getting interesting. Paris Hilton was flirting it up with Robert Pattinson Oscar night, arrived in Tokyo with new boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, just hours after Robert Pattinson arrived.

Reportedly Paris dragged little sister Nicky Hilton around Patrick Weitzell’s post-Oscars bash as she hunted down Pattinson, and once she cornered him, she stuck to him like glue.

“They were giggling and in deep conversation for an hour before she led him to the garden for some privacy,” says an eyewitness.

Obviously, Paris didn’t end up scoring with Robert, hence the reason for dragging Doug Reinhardt, Lauren Conrad and Amanda Bynes’ ex with her. Paris is in Tokyo to promote clothing brand Samantha Thavasa.

Gallery Info: Paris Hilton arrives at Narita Airport, Japan, with her alleged new boyfriend Doug Reinhardt and British actor Robert Pattinson leaving his Manhattan hotel, gets pulled away by his publicist into his car while signing his autograph for a fan late last year.