Paris Hilton Feels She Sells Out Plenty On Her Own, Without Being Tricked Into It, Dammit

February 22nd, 2007 // 7 Comments


When Paris Hilton attended the Opera Ball in Vienna not too long ago, she was duped into posing for pictures that unwittingly made it look as if she were endorsing some random products. Paris was being hosted by Richard Lugner, a business magnate who owned the shopping mall Hilton visited during her stay in Austria. During a press conference, Paris was handed over a series of gifts (a watch, some skis, a BlackBerry). The only problem is that Paris and her peeps hadn’t had a chance to clear the presents. reports:

“[Hilton's] management had not been informed that the press conference was to be recorded by [Austrian TV station] ATV for their reality-soap ‘The Lugners,’” a source told Australia Today. “One could interpret that as hidden advertising. Management is therefore considering legal action should the pictures be used commercially.”

I really wish there had been an Umlaut missing over that “u” in their name so that their last name actually means “liar” in German. And, I have a feeling that no matter where you try to jam in an Umlaut in “Hilton,” (Ha! “Jam an Umlaut in ‘Hilton’” sounds filthy…) it will never mean classy–in any language.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. ?òók å? ýö? r??êãr?hïñg ðì?çrî?í?á? mârk?. :-)


  2. Loob

    I am gobsmacked that they WANTED Paris Hilton at their fabulous, classy event!!
    I guess we can erase the words Fabulous and Classy from our minds now if we ever think of the Vienna Opera Ball.

  3. Nanina

    Päris Hiltön. LÖL. ^^

  4. Actually Luger (with an umlaut) is how to spell liar in German- there is no N in the german word….

  5. Laney

    That’s not true, Pecarrie. “Liar” is “Lügner” in German.

  6. Laney

    Oh yeah, Paris Hilton is a stupid fug, by the way. But Lugner always brings “classy” guests like Pamela Anderson to the Opera Ball, so nobody really cares anymore.

  7. liz

    Okay okay okay–I have to say this somewhere and get it off my chest so…

    Paris Hilton is going to look so ugly when she’s old.

    Now let me clarify this–I do not think older women look ugly, I think many of them are damned attractive actually, especially with that self-confidence that teenage girls and young twentysomethings just don’t have. But that said. Paris Hilton is 26 now; can you imagine her at 36? At 30? At 45? She is not Jodie Foster people.

    A lot of people have the general desire to see Paris get her comeuppance; I think when she does, in the final round, the comeuppance will come not from a diss or a suicide attempt or some other meltdown; it will come from time itself. And no amount of money in the world can change time.


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