Paris Hilton Feels Horrible About Cell Phone Mishap

February 23rd, 2005 // 3 Comments

Paris finally speaks out about cell phone hacking. Here’s a guide to what she really was saying.

In an interview with Us Weekly magazine, on newsstands Friday, Hilton says: “I feel horrible that, once again, someone has invaded my privacy. I want to apologize to all my friends and family. I don’t know why this stuff always happens to me, but I wish it wouldn’t anymore.”

Translation: I should have hacked myself. The free publicity is better than another sex tape.

Hilton, 24, first heard the news from her sister, Nicky. “(Nicky) told me it was out there. It’s too upsetting for me — I can’t believe it.”

Translation: Why did I have to hear this from my bitch of a sister?

Some of Hilton’s friends have been besieged with calls and e-mails. Actress Lindsay Lohan tells the magazine: “It’s crazy. I even got an e-mail from someone pretending to be Hugh Hefner.”

Translation: I didn’t realize it wasn’t Hugh Hefner until the pot and booze wore off.

[via AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Steve

    Hacked nothing. I thought her AND Lohan both just had thier sidekicks stolen? How hard do you really think it is to guess this dipshit’s password? I’d guessed “thats_hot” or something equally banal. Turns out I wasn’t far off, it ended up being “tinkerbell” I read today. How stupid is that? She uses the name of her stupid rat dog as her password and she’s shocked that she got “hacked”. I imagine T-Mobile’s not real pleased with her for the bad press this is causing them especially because her password was something that a trained monkey could have figured out. I swear, this bitch could start WW III and still come out of it smelling like a rose. A very skanky rose.

  2. cynmcb

    I think she is the Anti Christ! She can call people by racial epithets, and oh, well, morons still worship her….she’s dumber than a box of rocks, and people still idolize her! Whatever! Are we really getting to be that dumb?!?

  3. mso

    Smart or not, the girl is entertaining. I think she’s kind of funny. Speaking of which, she’s also laughing all the way to the bank, so she can’t be that dumb!

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