Paris Hilton Exposes Her…Innards?

April 27th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Just when it seemed like there was absolutely, positively no inch of Paris Hilton’s person, with which the American public wasn’t already on a first name basis with, an artist created a “corpse” of the infamous heiress, revealing a hypothetical view of her insides.

This probably isn’t what she had in mind. The interactive PSA will be a life-sized replica of Hilton (with her privileged pup Tinkerbell) wearing a tiara, gripping on to her cell phone, and containing…removable innards in her opened abdominal cavity. Somehow this is meant to warn teenagers about the hazards of underage drinking.

Additionally, Daniel Edwards, the artist who created the “dead” Paris, also included a set of fetal twins in her uterus, available for discovery in a “postmortem pelvic examination.” If I were a teen, I don’t know if all of this would discourage me from drinking so much as it would probably cause me to lose my lunch.

The full uncensored photo is after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. jxrblue

    Ha! That’s funny!

  2. Mrs. Fiesty

    Ummm, that rendition is totally off. You know her hands and feet are NOT that small! Tee-hee

  3. sandie

    I think this is SICK!

  4. Juju

    Oh, yeah, Feisty! Size 11 boats.
    This may not make me give up booze but I’d definitely give up sex.

  5. Just Me

    She is into Beastiality too?

  6. Victoria

    Surely the herpes sores won’t be showing?

  7. Anon

    WOW…um……..that’s intense. But I see no opened abdominal cavity. Are the innards supposed to be hiding inside the sculpture?

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