Paris Hilton Dumps Stavros Niarchos For Paris Latsis

Could the love affair really be over between Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos? I’m going with yes. His age was seemingly cramping her partying style and club hopping. However, I don’t believe that she’s back together with Paris Latsis; she’s the divide and conquer type. Plus, isn’t it about time for her to date a rock star?

Paris Hilton’s rocky romance with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos has finally sunk – and the socialite has sailed back into the arms of former fiance (and namesake) Paris Latsis.

Paris H was spotted getting cosy with Paris L – also from Greece and due to inherit a shipping fortune – at LA nightclub Privilege last weekend. And according to our disco detective, they looked decidedly friendly.

“The two Parises spent most of the evening together, head to head and laughing in the corner,” says our Stateside snitch. “It certainly looked like they had a lot of catching up to do – they were getting pretty close and personal.”

(Images via Gossip Rocks)