Paris Hilton Drags Doug Reinhardt Through NYC

The best part about Paris Hilton is the fact that to her, boyfriend Doug Reinhardt is about as important to her as any one of these many accessories. You know she just looks in her closet, where a bunch of boyfriends are hanging and says to herself, “I think I want to wear football player today.”

The heiress was in New York City with Reinhardt, where she made an appearance at the Javits Center for the Vision Expo East to announce her new sunglasses collection by Gripping Eyewear.

Paris and her boyfriend then spent the evening clubbing, but not after they hit up her Midtown Manhattan hotel so the heiress could change out of her dress, which appears to be made from blue, satin scrunchie.

Gallery Info: Paris Hilton in NYC with her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, first at the launch of her sunglasses collection and then out clubbing.