Paris Hilton Does Cannes In Pictures

May 22nd, 2006 // 22 Comments

Words would just take away from what you are about to see in these photos.

More photos of Paris Hilton in Cannes (see her checking out her own non-existent rack) after the jump.

(Images via Saving Face and Gossip Rocks)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. justme

    people are so low to invite her to a film festival! this is a real insult.

  2. justMe

    omg! what is Perez doing there! this is going too far!

  3. tumadre

    I’m confused. First, there are countless posts on here making fun of people with implants. Then there’s a celebrity that DOESN’T get implants and seems happy with her chest, and we make fun of her too. I’m confused about the making fun of breasts etiquette. Should I just make fun of everyone’s breasts regardless? I gotta be honest I like them all, big and small.

  4. Anna

    justme, I was thinking the same thing! He’s every bit as nauseating as Paris herself. And his pathetic outfit smacks of desperation.

  5. maryanne29

    Evey time I see that arched back pose like she has a giant coat hanger up her butt (oops, maybe wrong orifice), I cringe.

    What did we do to have this person be a celebrity? Is it because our parents made Zsa Zsa Gabor a celebrity??

  6. evilcookie007

    Jeezy Creezy!! Her feet are freakin’ huge!!!!!

  7. mutterhals

    Hey look, it’s that fat blogger everybody hates!

  8. doofus

    oh, she SO has gotten implants. not too big, and that’s the key, tumadre, in my opinion.

    I’m no SO down on implants, it’s when they LOOK like implants that we make fun.

    but she used to be flat as a pancake, and now she’s got a little something. she did it the smart way.

    now, if she could only stop using the hair extensions. you can see clearly in those first pics where they’re attached to her skull. don’t like this person much at all, but I will say her hair looks SO much better with that natural sort-of-cropped look without the extensions.

  9. parissucksliterally

    Paris isn’t invited to these things- she just shows up!
    Her boobs are cute- it’s her ass that disgusts me….maybe she’ll have a boating accident, and we won;t have to see her or that ugly Caroline D’Amore again.

  10. Yeah, I said it

    Hey look, she brought her big pink pig to the party. That girl really does love animals.

  11. Girly Girl

    Uh, Paris is a douche bag, people.

    And she proved it once again when she started banging Brandon ‘firecrotch’ Davis.

    I missed the press release declaring no-talent-tanorexic-trust-fund-whores merit ANY kind of public discussion.

    Her 15 minutes were up 20 minutes ago.

  12. Billy

    I look forward to the day I read about someone breaking Perez’s hands so he is no longer able to type his nasty comments (from behind the safety of his computer in his mother’s house). He is the classic case of fat nelly gay boy who gossips behind people’s backs because he cant stand himself or how he looks.

    Get a load of that outfit and his fat thighs. He looks like an overcooked sausage.

    As for Paris Hilton, what more needs to be said. Living her life would be like living with a cold sore on the edge of your lip. She’s one nasty skank.

  13. Looks like the bitch got herself some breastlets to go along with that fat pork standing next to her.

  14. Marni

    Looks like the bitch got herself some breastlets to go along with that fat pork chunk standing next to her.

  15. Cheesy

    Anyone else feel like they should wear a human condom before viewing pictures of Paris?

    Whenever I see photos of her, I feel like I’m covered in the grime you imagine yourself to be covered with after visiting the DMV…


  16. KittyLiterati

    Billy, you are so right about Perez’s thighs. He must’ve licked Brandon Davis’s firecrotch to get a spot at Cannes with this trashtastic ho.

    And evilcookie, her feet are so huge because she wears a size eleven shoe. That’s man territory in my book.

  17. Lema

    Good lord… her feet are so ugly.. I know.. petty

  18. C

    This really shouldn’t have warranted a post to begin with. Paris gets press for simply being alive and her spineless jellyfish fan Perez Hilton is trying to attempt the same. Should have titled the post, “Dumb and Dumber.”

  19. trickytara

    i can’t believe no one has mentioned the ridiculous feather hair wrap she has hanging off one of her extensions…she looks like shes going to an 8th grade dance with the hair and stupid pink eye makeup

  20. Whatsthatsmellycelebthinking



  21. Dee

    I don’t see anything wrong with the pictures, she is a slender girl and just about anything looks good on her.

    Paris was invited, of course. She hosted one event and the establishment even presented her with a diamond ring.

    So, is Lindsay boinking both Latsis and Niarchos now? One website mentioned both of them having sleep-overs. These people are all just playing musical beds, lol.

  22. sita

    who cares she’s at Cannes like every year…

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