Paris Hilton Doesn’t Even Know The Name Of Her Own Video Game

May 12th, 2006 // 7 Comments

The ever so dim socialite, announced that she was excited to announce her new video game Diamondquest. Um, her new video game is called “Paris Hilton’s Jewel Jam.”

Paris Hilton unveiled her new video game on Thursday, but inexplicably called it by the wrong name as she greeted throngs of fans and photographers.

Wearing a green minidress and red platform pumps, Hilton made a brief appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo to promote “Paris Hilton’s Jewel Jam.”

“Sorry I’m late,” the heiress said. “I’m really excited to have my new video game, ‘Diamondquest.’ Thank you all for coming, and you can download the game,” she said.

Her game, which can be played on a cell phone, will be available this summer. Video game maker Gameloft will produce a series of video games with Hilton.

How fitting that the game is played on a cellphone, since Paris is typically glued to hers. Totally switching subjects here, I’m sure the world is wondering if Paris Hilton is still hooking up with Matt Leinart? Why yes she is. He was caught leaving Paris’ home with last night’s outfit rolled up in a bunch.

Hilton Causes Stir at Video Game Expo [AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. nevermind

    Is it me or does she look like she has gotten some work done on her chest? And I’m not talking about a push up bra with extra padding. She went from an A-cup to a C, easily!

  2. kissy

    i used to like him. i repeat used! what a jerk! i’ve lost all respect for him now. if was really serious about being a great football player he wouldn’t be sleeping around with a coke whore!

  3. netty

    I hope her gonorrhea has cleard up for him!

  4. C

    For starters, Paris has had a boob job. She originally had a small A and has moved up to a B. Whatever she’s using now is just a push up with padding. Victoria, we know your secret.

    Secondly, Matt’s going to experience a flaming case of herpes pretty soon if he doesn’t watch it.

  5. las

    I guess she figured out that whether or not she had a boob job, she was already “looking cheap.” So she thought hey, I’ll go for it.

  6. foobs

    Ha ha she said she loved being small busted then she goes and gets a boob job. What a liar! I guess she needs to add more to her already big ego.

  7. gross

    I wonder if Dr. Rey did her boob job he he

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