Paris Hilton Doesn’t Go For The Understated

March 15th, 2006 // 21 Comments

The Bentley was traded in for a new $450,000 Mercedes McLaren SLR. Could anything scream “notice me” than Paris Hilton’s new ride?

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Audacte

    I suspect Paris Hilton can’t even spell “understated” let alone, understand the concept.

  2. lisa

    Nice car.

    I guess I am in a serious mood today, because the first thing I thought about was:
    Damn, it’s amazing that a girl that never worked a day in her life can have a car that is 4x the value of my house. Amazing.

  3. Jill

    She is good at what she does … getting noticed.

  4. spitty

    That car is fly as hell. The skank exiting it is not. I need to go out there and get me some hollywood and hotel money!

  5. Sometimes I wonder if she’s really on the phone, or just pretending to have friends. Every single picture they take, she’s on the phone. Sooo annoying.

  6. ShoeSlut

    Lisa… Trust me — you are NOT in a mood. I think everybody’s upset at what this girl has been handed in life. How could you not be? It’s one of those difficult “life is not based on merit” nuggets, so hard to digest…

  7. Brian

    I thought she does her best work in the back seat of a car.Why on earth would she want a car without one?

  8. doofus

    to Brian…


    that was great!

  9. Stephen

    Who would have thought…Paris actually was to to remember to open the car door straight up instead of the usual way.

    She probably would have called ONSTAR for help if she did forget ha ha!

  10. Stephen

    Who would have thought…Paris actually remembered to open the car door straight up instead of the usual way.

    She probably would have called ONSTAR for help if she did forget ha ha!

  11. neeko

    that car looks wicked. it looks like the batmobile.
    who cares if she gets noticed. she would still get noticed regardless of what car she drives. she’s just a rich daddies girl with no purpose in life, so if she has a trillion dollars, let her buy whatever she wants.

  12. parissucksliterally

    ….she’s having lunch at the Ivy too……the only way she could beg for more attention would be to set her fake hair on fire……..well, one can hope.

  13. ebiroc

    Isn’t her 30 minutes of fame up yet???
    Alright already!

  14. Silasdog

    Brian, hahahahahaha, you smoked that one! Frankly, I’d like to see her under the car’s tires.

  15. silvarga

    Well it seems to be working… no one’s noticed she’s actually wearing pants and is dressed halfway decent for once.

  16. silvarga


    Bystander 1: Ooohhh! Nice Car!
    Bystander 2: Ughh, It’s Paris Hilton.
    Bystander 1: Nice Bag though, think it’s Hermes?
    Bystander 2: No, it’s Her-pes!!!

  17. Desert

    Good one Silvarga. As for the car…I can’t believe the seat of such a gorgeous car has been polluted in such a way. Such a shame.

  18. me

    good one brian,and silvarga, but theres no point hating her shes fab and shes livin it,ur words wont hurt her………don stop the funny comments tho!!!!!!!!

  19. dan


    You are definately not in a mood.

    When we normal people are settling down to our middle class lives and can buy that amazing car (like a $70k one) we’ve always wanted, she’ll be 47 and dating 20 year old shipping tycoon’s sons (or daughter’s who knows after that sidekick hack?!)

    Then when we’re 65 and enjoying normal things like spending time with grandkids, she’ll be on “Where are they now – the air-esses of the early naughties” and still think she’s famous.

    Money can’t buy you a life, just enough material posessions to think you have one.

  20. Elsa

    nice Back to the Future car

  21. JT

    OK, Everyone, Say it with me; She has a drivers license??!!!

    Stearing wheel aside, I understand She handles a stick FAIRLY well.

    Personally; I don’t want her anywere near my stick.

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