Paris Hilton Did Not Perish In Diane von Furstenberg Mishap

What saved Paris from certain death in the fashion show mishap? The fact that she was wearing protective eye wear, and the fact that she buried herself under Ellen Barkin. Fashion guru Hilary Alexander wasn’t so lucky. She was hit on the head by a light that fell during the show.

The Associated Press reported that the light injured a handful of editors who were in the front row. No one appeared to be seriously hurt. A crush of spectators had already squeezed into the packed show yesterday just before 7 p.m. in the West Village when a beam holding the lights fell.

The injured woman, who was bleeding from the head, was taken backstage by a fellow attendee. It was not immediately known what went wrong. In a scramble to exit the show, attendees were shoved and pushed out of the way.

The elite fashion models, decked out in the new von Furstenberg’s line, stood paralyzed in thousand-dollar dresses, their faces frozen amid the confusion.

We should note that due to the models freezing in their tracks, or modeling if you will, no fashion was harmed during the fracas.

Although von Furstenberg did not make a comment about the incident yesterday, her spokeswoman, Deborah Hughes said: “Diane’s really upset, of course.” Wow, that was big of her.

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