Paris Hilton & Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Do The Deed

Almost exactly a year ago, Paris Hilton is rumored to have attempted to get frisky with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Well, Cristiano’s in town and Paris is between boyfriends, so it looks like the two of them took the opportunity to swap spit…and tanning secrets.

The two were spotted in My House, getting all kinds of friendly, where former couple Paris and ex-boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, reportedly engaged in a huge fight the night before. Although both employed the use of bodyguards to block a view of their interaction, Cristiano was seen sneaking into Nicky Hilton’s house with both Paris and her sister, Nicky.

It’s not too hard to imagine what went down after that. Ahem. One witness described the athlete’s tryst with the heiress while they were still at My House, “They were sucking each other’s faces off like their plane was going down. At one point Ronaldo had a bottle between his legs and Paris was stroking it. It was very racy.” And classy, clearly.

Check out the video of Cristiano Ronaldo sneaking into Nicky Hilton’s house by clicking the continue reading link below.

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