Paris Hilton Claims She Didn’t Screw Tom Sizemore

October 19th, 2005 // 21 Comments

That’s not Tom Sizemore hiding his face from the camera, it’s her latest Greek shipping heir boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos. Sizemore is claiming that he and Paris had sex.

The “Saving Private Ryan” star makes the claim during an interview that has been added to supposedly purloined footage of him having sex that has been the buzz of gossip columns. It is going on sale today for $24.95 as “‘The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal” DVD.

According to Sizemore, he had a party at his house and after everyone else had left, he heard the repeated clicks of a cigarette lighter and followed the sound to his gym, where he saw Hilton, and suggested rather explicitly that the two should have sex. 

“She knew what she could do to people,” says Sizemore, who claims that the next morning, Hilton climbed into a limo with the parting words, “Goin’ to Sundance. See you next week.” He makes no claims that they got together again.

Hilton says no such thing happened. “It’s disappointing that Mr. Sizemore has to use my name to sell his DVDs,” she told The Scoop in a statement issued through her spokesman. “He is not an acquaintance of mine nor have I ever had intimate relations with him.”

Paris Hilton denies tryst with Tom Sizemore [Scoop]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tajue

    Tom Sizemore doesn’t have any money. Paris didn’t touch him.

  2. mimi

    ok, so this does confirm that Paris is a total slutty, boyfriend stealing hussy. She denied that she was involved with MKs man, so I guess the tabliods were right!! I am going to start beleiving everything I hear about her for now on.
    He was also front row at the fashion show she just did, hiding his face under his hooded sweatshirt. I wonder what his poarents think of her. Isnt he like 19 yrs old?

  3. Anna

    Does she do these things so we continue to laugh at her? I mean, I know there’s allegedly no such thing as bad press, but this is so obvious that I bet even Paris “I’m-Not-Stupid-I-Know-Exactly-What-I’m-Doing” Hilton can see what a joke she’s become.

  4. niKKi

    Upon hearing that while in a cocaine induced stupor she actually did fuck Tom Sizemore, Paris recanted with this statement, “Oh! That was Tom. I didn’t recognize him from that angle.”

  5. Tajue

    Shit, people. I take it back. You have convinced me: Tom totally hosed that skeeve. I don’t know what I was thinking ~ Defending Paris Hilton? I am ashamed of myself. Please forgive me.

  6. Mariana

    Let’s look at this from a scientific viewpoint: yes, Tom Sizemore is gross, but then she also might have fucked Scott Storch, who is way nastier. However, Storch is a record producer who can apparently further Paris’ “career”. Ergo, she probably didn’t fuck Tom Sizemore because he’s gross AND can’t further her “career”. Voila!

  7. Silasdog

    Uh, correct me if I’m wrong, but this bitch can’t keep her legs closed.

  8. Cynthia

    Ok, Tom Sizemore is gross, but yes, so is Scott Storch and that thing she made the video with (whatever his name is) So we already know that she will fuck anything, whether it can ‘further her career’ or not. So my vote goes with yeah, she probably did, but is this news? I mean, is anyone really surprised?

  9. ThrillKill

    Ugh. Now there is a mental picture I would lobotomize myself to get out. Flabby Tom Sizemore with his coke-shrunken twig poking at this duck-faced harpy composed mostly of pipe-cleaners.

    Which one is lying? I don’t know. They’re both pretty repugnant. But I’m sure that whoever watches a Tom Sizemore sex video can be termed ‘the loser’ of the whole argument.

  10. Lola


  11. Brian

    If it walks like a slut…..
    talks like a slut….
    looks like a slut….
    it must be PARIS HILTON…..

  12. It’s funny. I don’t even care what Paris did or didn’t do anymore. I mean I still read the gossip about her, but I am totally unphased by ANYTHING.

  13. looloo

    Is this Stavros boy TOTALLY clueless?? Doesn’t he see the parallells between him and her last boyfriend?? JE-SUS

  14. Jenra

    These stupid people deserve each other! I have no sympathy for any of them! It’s fun to watch them make fools of themselves though.

  15. fat mary kate

    awwwwwwwwwww i feel bad for mary :(.. she got the dick first though.. yay! :)

  16. netty

    the new guy is out for a quick F*$#! She’s such a ho bag anyway, who would take her seriously? From one man to another! I cant keep up….

  17. Cattt

    Geez this woman is determined to marry a Greek heir.

  18. Neferi

    HOLY SHIT!! Worse then even I thought! To all you Greeks out there, it seems that this….this….THING is determined to vaginate your whole country. She may even try to gain control of your entire GDP… I wouldn’t let her….

    P.S. This Sizemore character is as worthless as the tits of a hog. A sex crazed drug addict; Once, for the first and only time, the sex story is probably bogus. Unless of course he has this wretch on tape, which is more than possible.

  19. i will let her suck my dick

    that bruise on her leg is so fuckin sweet. she must be into pain.

  20. showhore

    ahem, paris has fucked “nobodys”. when she came to australia she got together with rob mills, a total nobody when they met at the palace nightclub. so i believe the she did have it with sizemore. i remember willy bill clinton said a very similar thing when he denied getting head off monica lewinski…

  21. j22

    you know paris is like a solid gold door knob. everybody gets a turn!

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