Paris Hilton Caught Smoking a Joint

February 21st, 2007 // 16 Comments

Normally, I’d say legalize it but not in this bitch’s case! Throw the book at her! And a rock! And maybe some nailbombs. Paris got caught by the paps cueing up on a spliff in her ride. She’s such a dopey ass, hoisting it up in public like that. This ain’t Haight-Ashbury, bitch! You are not Grace Slick! DIE!


By J. Harvey

  1. Nineveh

    So, what else is new? lol

    Seriously, even the J.Lo hype went away after a while. How much longer until we stop saying that we don’t care about RacistBarbie and really stop paying attention to her.

    As long as you bloggers keep posting this shit, she will stay in the public eye.
    You know, it’s just like that Simpsons Halloween episode where the eyesores come to live. “Just don’t look. Just don’t look.”

  2. sandy

    J Harv needs to be an SNL writer. Or maybe on that new Half Hour News Hour show?

    ** YOU ARE SOOOO FUNNY!!!!***


  3. That’s not all she smokes.


  4. -A

    And what will come of this? Nada. Big fatty…(couldn’t help myself) nada.

    Her PR rep probably will say her wonky eye is glacoma or something like that. Or it wasn’t a joint, it was a mishapen cig, or we all imagined it and it was photoshopped in. Because Paris is SUCH a GOOD GIRL. She’d NEVER do anything like that Oh noes… She’ll just videotape herself naked having sex and naked pictures, and hang out with Girls gone Wild guy, and make out with Satan, and kick puppies…but Not smooke a doobie.

  5. “such a dopey ass, hoisting it up in public like that”

    Not really J.A. All of the celebretards get away with this sort of behavior…why not toke up in rush-hour…IF anyone bothers to pursue it, they just run off to rehab for a few days…

    If i were king of the forest, Paris, Britney, Lindsay and Nicole would be shipped off to a leper colony…wait…the lepers have suffered enough….

  6. I was surprised she wasn’t caught smoking a cock during rush hour. Now THAT I am surprised about.

  7. She seems to be getting away with being a flaming racist when other celebrities were pilloried for it, so I don’t know why it is so surprising that she’s getting away with this. You know, if all the bloggers stopped writing about her, after a couple of weeks maybe she would go away.

  8. Christopher, if all the bloggers would stop writing about her, what would you do with all of your brilliant thoughts?

  9. puff puff give

    who cares…i always smoke before entering and exiting a car.

  10. ah…the wisdom of a pot-head.

    shouldn’t you be going to work at Burger King now or something? shoo! shoo!

  11. cracktastic

    remember when her spokeswhore tried to spin that bag o’weed in her purse by saying that she “rolls her own cigs”?

    good times…

  12. genius

    What does puffin and working at Burger King have to do with each other? It’s sad to think that because someone puffs ignorant people assume they should be doing something less than desirable by society’s standards. I think Paris’ drunk driving arrest is far more offensive than puffin some herb.

  13. Puffin some herb, man! Right on!

    Okay, i will give in on one point. We’ll say it’s McDonalds…

  14. gossip whore

    i love that simpson’s episode…it’s one of my fav treehouse of horrors…o, the good ol’ days o yea…paris can eat a disease twat and hopefully die

  15. MegAtron

    Probably a rolled cigarette or even a real cigarette. How about some real gossip.
    and all those wanting Paris flamed for being a racist – the other racists (Gibson, Richards etc) and the homophobe (that sports guy, the guy from Grey’s Anatomy)all made money from being figures to look up to and they lose money from bad publicity, what are they going to do? Fire Paris from a Nightclub she doesnt attend anyway? she makes money from her bad publicity.

  16. Genius

    I know, I know it’s so yesterday but I simply couldn’t resist…

    George Washington, William Shakespeare, Pablo Picasso, Thomas Jefferson, Friedrich Nietzsche, Winston Churchill – NOT employees of any fast food restaurant… all were pot smokers.

    and since it’s celebrity blog…
    Jennifer Aniston, Jack Black, Bob Dylan, Harrison Ford, Bill Maher, Norman Mailer – NOT employees of any fast food restaurant… all are pot smokers.

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