Paris Hilton And Doug Reinhardt Split

Doug Reinhardt was recently by his girlfriend Paris Hilton’s side for her 29th birthday, but girl’s got to gets some oats left to sow before the big 3-0.

The two are typically glued together as they were back on March 2 at the Vanity Fair Hollywood Lounge at the Palihouse Hotel. However for the past couple weeks they have been photographed separately and rumor has it that they split. Paris went to her single stand-by spot Las Vegas while Doug spent some time with his family in Aspen. If this is the way each of them deals with break-ups then they were not probably not meant for each other anyway. Coincidentally Kim Kardashian’s ex Reggie Bush was spotted at Tao while Paris was there. They didn’t interact, but wouldn’t it be so old school Paris to rebound with a friend’s ex.