Paris Hilton And Paris Latsis Get It On

July 20th, 2005 // 39 Comments

Oh lordy. More skank after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. I’m sure her parents are proud. Ick!

  2. shaneeza

    her name is PARIS – as in the hotel chain. do you really expect any better from a girl who’s parents named her after their hotel chain. I DONT THINK SO!

  3. Brian

    She just misunderstood what “turndown service” meant after all those growing up in hote rooms.

  4. Brian

    *hotel rooms

  5. Callisto

    This Two… Are Simply Disgusting!!

  6. marg

    paris latsis seems like an idiot. he always has that clack-jawed, gaping mouth in his pictures. i bet he has no idea what he’s involved with.

  7. marg

    i meant slack-jawed, not clack-jawed.

  8. dent

    uhh, paris is a city, not a hotel chain.

  9. “i bet he has no idea what he’s involved with”

    I’ve been saying this for months. Paris Latsis has absolutely no idea what deep crap he’s gotten himself into.

    While he’s not the brightest apple in the barrel, he can certainly do better than Paris Hilton. Hell, anyone can do better than Paris Hilton.

  10. marg

    actually, they deserve each other. i don’t see paris hilton being able to date someone like crown prince felipe of spain (gwyneth supposedly dated him for a little bit) or chris heinz (stepson of john kerry, another former boyfriend of gwyneth and heir to the ketchup fortune)

  11. Cynthia

    I don’t understand! Why couldn’t Paris date anyone she wanted? I mean, isn’t she American Royalty???

  12. Rita

    American Royalty, my ass. Since when did being a skank qualify you for being a royal?

  13. kelly

    In the second picture you can kind of see her nipple

  14. wrong

    PARIS is a city in france. HILTON is the hotel chain. paris hilton wasn’t named after a hotel she was named after a city. the hilton hotel was named that because her family owns the hotel chain.

  15. ilostmyshoe


  16. Janna

    For She-Paris, being a massive skank and all, this is as close to royalty as she’s ever going to get. I’m sure she’ll have lots of interesting coke fueled “He beat my ass” divorce stories to tell us all some day and I for one cannot wait to hear them all.

  17. shaneeza

    sorry but i still like to think her parents named her after the hotel – the paris hilton.

  18. Verity

    I’m obviously a strange outside weirdo here, but I think they look cute together….

    Don’t hurt me…

  19. mimi

    you’re an idiot shaneeza.

  20. Andy W

    Could you all be any more jealous of her? Don’t hate the player, hate the game. (God is that lame)

  21. Denise


    You don’t seem any smarter.

  22. Shaneeza Aziz

    i think you guys are totally misunderstanding me. i know paris is the city an i know there is a hilton located there…but i think her parents are stupid enough to say, “wow let’s name her paris hilton.” like another thing they own…..

  23. anon

    why would her parents name her after a specific hotel? Did you feel smart when you noticed that? Because its dumb.

  24. Sissy

    Just watch and laugh.
    Here they are now, entertain us…

  25. jjj

    they are playing right into our hands…

  26. reesha

    pretty great makeout moves, what with all that weave in the back of her head…

  27. Cynthia

    Yeah, I am jealous of her….I’ve always wanted to be a whore with a huge ego and huge feet to match….

  28. barbara


  29. yomamma

    Paris Latsis looks like he has ball cheese. Te he.

  30. Reagan

    Well she isn’t “american royalty” at all, royalty wouldn’t be in a club doing that ‘hot show’!! I mean that pics are totally gross and un-classy…

  31. Staci

    Does anyone else think She-Paris looks like a drag queen??!?!?

  32. lisa

    Um Paris Hilton is in her 20s. The hotel Paris Hilton is not nearly as old and it was named after Paris Hilton, the skank.

  33. Sumodo

    That’s got to be a Revlon add-on she’s wearing.

  34. lizzie

    i think its gr8 they luk cute

  35. Cynthia

    The American Royalty comment was complete sarcasm. She called herself that a few weeks ago.
    That obnoxious, constant posing thing she always does just makes me sick!

  36. keldawn

    My thoughts exactly Sumodo, I have the same one at home. You’d think with her 10 gazillion dollars she could afford one that actually matches a little better

  37. Sissy

    Whoever thought that sex tape was one-off…think again.

  38. heidi

    she’s definitely a slut, I can’t help but feel sorry for that guy coz he doesn’t know what kind of mess he’s dealing with.

  39. Andres C.

    I think paris hilton was just having fun so let her ,, wut if you were in her place you would be doing the same lol .. or worse

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