Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis

March 15th, 2005 // 118 Comments

Cannot comprehend. Paris and Paris. Oh wait, yes I can. He’s a greek shipping heir.

(Thanks to JL for the photo.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tDotBiotch


  2. I think he’d be hot if he cut his hair, wore decent clothes and got checked for VD. :)

  3. Carla

    Perfect porno title; Paris in Paris; Paris does Paris. Just sayin’.

  4. Rob

    How many times is this HO passed around?

  5. Laura

    LOL, when I first saw the picture I thought he was wearing a Jazz Singer T-shirt!

  6. VivaPliner

    If he pulled his hat down just a little more…he would be hot.

  7. mediaphyter

    Haha. I thought it was a Jazz Singer shirt, too!

  8. lindsay

    her nose is looking like a red hook that has snorted too much pop candy, god knows she is stupid enough to think it was coke.

  9. Desi


  10. and she’s a greek shipping port

  11. Daisy

    She’s a skanky ho! Why do people admire this trash? Why don’t girls look up to someone with brains? Or someone who has repsect for herself?!?

  12. katharina

    he is so pretty!”!!!

  13. gonzo

    What would u do if you were paris for a day….?

  14. lisa(a.k.a paris)

    LISTEN paris isnt a ho u guys should stop believe wat u hear and start realising wats real the girl probably did do stupid things in her life but she knows and u should all read her book but thats besides the point i think her and paris are pretty cute…liek when do u ever get the chance 2 go out with a guy with the same name as u ?

  15. Erixxx

    Rock on on Lisa! I’m wondering who’s the ho between you guys and Paris:D

  16. TBR

    It’s funny..because everyone you trash talks Paris Hilton is really just jelous of her. Very amusing since most of you want to be her.

  17. With held

    It makes me laugh when people say hey guys this person is not like this or that, so leave them alone! I know this because (insert jack shit here)

    Let me tell you…you know absolutely zero and your brain times ten also somehow manages to amount to zero

    Leave your useless factless opinions in the garbage where they belong…

    ps paris is a skank with assorted Vaginal lesions..

  18. Cynthia

    You know, those little teen girls are right! You guys are awfully mean to Paris! She’s not so bad! You call her a ho and that is so wrong! Doesn’t EVERYBODY make a few porn videos? You say she is racist. Well, hey, doesn’t EVERYBODY call people niggers? You say she is a self-absorbed bitch. I mean really! What is so wrong with wearing a crown or tiara EVERYWHERE and acting like you are something special? And then you say she is stupid! So she didn’t even get through high school. So what! I’ll tell you who’s stupid–all those people who work their asses off to get their college degree! (they can even spell!) And finally, you say she is a skank. Well, now, doesn’t EVERYBODY flash their private parts everywhere? I want to be just like her….sigh…..except, I currently have too many brain cells that work……

  19. seychelles

    Yes I wanna be Paris Hilton… Only so I can drain her bank account into another one with the same number as my bank account, inject her dog with anabolic steroids and then quickly morph back into me! Sure I wanna be Paris Hilton… for like 3 hrs max

  20. bim bim

    She is so sexy!!! And he is unbelievably rich!! 3.500.000.000 Euros not including the houses and clubs and restaurants he owns!! He is goodlooking , wild and 10 times richer than she is!!! I think she is in love with him!!


    Paris H. is filthy rich, famous, and not too bad looking. She is totally enjoying her time in the limelite right now. People talk trash about her because they are jealous, plain and simple. I say good for her! She’s enjoying her life! Who cares how she got to this point? Give it a few years and a few more scandals and people will forget all about her. Seriously, just let her have fun and enjoy her life!

  22. i dont have one

    now i get why she wants him. hes richer than her. i’m not jealous of her. I kind of pity her because she doesnt seem to understand that the way she act will affect people giving her respect. I bet you her singing career will not go well…..

  23. Rachel S.

    Jealous? Oh pleeeeeze! What the hell is wrong with you people? Has the whole damn world turned into materialistic, shallow morons?!? So Paris is good looking and rich. That’s great! And she is rich only through inheritance. And she does not work, has no idea what work is, and never will. And she parties and has fun. More power to her! But that does not mean she has brains, manners, any skills at anything other than flashing her body parts and making porn videos. And therefore, I can not even try and respect someone like that. So do not tell me I am jealous because I do not look up to someone simply because they have looks and money. That doesn’t mean she is a nice person.

  24. azdeha

    Paris Latsis is a good guy…i went to school with him and he was really sweet…not one of those check me out i’m rich in your face kinda guys (prob cuz everyone in that school was rich lol)….he used to sit on the steps with his skater buddies taking the piss out of me being the only female skater in the school…Don’t get me wrong…i’m not a fan of Miss Hilton (i refuse to say her full name cuz it’s just stupid…imagine naming your kid after one of ur hotels…) but if she’s dating a friend of mine from high school then i won’t diss the girl…
    As for the comment about him getting checked for VDs…i remember he was always one of the better turned out guys at school…very clean…and he’s always been pretty…tho tbh his best mates older brother was SO SO hot lol (and his name was Paris too)

  25. smarty

    Paris is a dumb but unfortunately rich highschool drop out. Please tell me that there are better role models out there that have some semblance of brains. I don’t know where she is in skanky ho status but she’s as dumb an unworthy of looking up to as it gets.

  26. Nia

    EXACTLY! What the hell is up with these Paris fans? What the heck is there about this dumb girl to look up to? Are they so materialistic they look up to her just because of her wealth?
    I do not know what turns me off more–her skankiness, her stupidity or her narcissism!

  27. Freshfields Law5

    Just to let you all know, Paris Latsis is an incredibly intelligent guy. I tutored him in Law. Most of you wont even know he went to uni… He makes good decisions and has an excellent mentor who insures his wellbeing (Sven Pannel). I have not met Paris H but Latsis tells me good things, perhaps if we all gossiped less and thought more, then we might be able to judge.

  28. katie

    How can you say that he makes good decisions if he had an affair with a married woman last year?

  29. Cynthia

    How can you say he makes good decisions if he is screwing around with Paris H. right now?

  30. Ella

    How can you say anything when you have your email address as “”…and like I really believe you tutored him in law. Dumbass.

  31. Hey u guys are all right with me LOL. i think paris should be free to do her work without everyone staring at hr. not everyone can be rich and i think her plan about the moon hotel is a good one. SERIOUSLTY. xoxoxo/. d_B

  32. curious

    just curious where did latsis grow up? how did he and hilton meet? is he trying to be some pseudo celebrity as well or is he really into her?

  33. Justice

    Paris Hilton is actually very intelligent, she could have easily inherited her families business, but she opted to support herself. She has many projects going for her. Being in the limelight, she is going to be scrutinized by the general public, this is a given. Its to be expected that she will recieve some bad judgements by closed minded people. She is human, like all of us, just because she has money does not make her bleed different or gives her the capacity to feel any less hurt by remarks that attack her character. Let’s look in the mirror and take care of ourselves and worry about how we steer our own destiny.

  34. Rachel S.

    I have never thought of Paris Hilton as being very intelligent. No, she did not choose to be born into a wealthy family, but what is this crap about supporting herself? The girl has a huge bank account to live off of! Like you really don’t think her bank account and family name (and porn flick) had anything at all to do with her sudden fame? I went to school with people who studied acting and they have real talent, not family millions to buy their way into movie roles and tv. And I am sure most of them are far more intelligent than this girl.Of course she did not go into the hotel business–that would take actual intelligence and all Paris wants is ATTENTION!

  35. yellow#5

    If you people don’t like Paris Hiltion so much…why do you follow up on her news? Why do you care? I’m not a fan of hers…but I don’t have anything bad to say about her either. I think she’s lucky to be born into a wealthy family and be able to do whatever the f*** she wants…Not saying that I don’t like my own life and my own family….just saying it would be nice to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want and not have to worry about anything. I think you people are just jealous that you can’t do that. Perhaps you’re not jealous of Paris for her looks or fame….but for the freedom she has…not giving a sh**…

    and for the people who even attack her dog?! what did the dog do?

  36. Nia

    Funny enough he is not a bad guy. I suspect that other reasonable comment came from Alexandra P. since as far as I remember she was the only female skater at high school. I dont know what he is doing right know and to be honest I dont really care. As far as I knew him though he never showed off or acted like a rich prick and left everyone alone really. So quit acting like you know people that you have never met.

    PS: I dont recall him dropping out of high school, he was there till 12th grade just like most people.

  37. katie

    what school did paris latsis go to? And what is his ooccupation now?

  38. future oscar winner

    I actually read a 6 page interview with Paris in like 2000 where she pretty much outlined her plans for ummm… ‘world domination via popularity’ an i must say she honestly inspired me to go all out after my dream… ok yes yes she is blah blah HO, blah blah skank, blah blah dumb. But com on u gotta a give it to her she has balls (if i was in that porno ‘situation’ i would have commited suicide) but she bounced bac… scheme or not, that takes balls cuz it could hav backfired an people could her made her the new ‘vanilla ice, or Micheal Jackson’ (joke)but then again how could it backfire she has balls so she’d still be out there ‘doing her thing’ putting less couragous saps in their place… on the sidelines gawking… watching HER live life to the fullest… mad at themselves for not having the courage to do it… which is what EVERTHING COMES DOWN TO COURAGE.

    PLEASE RESPOND cowards.

  39. MarisParis

    Go Cynthia! I totally agree with you and also i agree with all the other Hilton Likers. God cant you people just leave her alone.First of all she dresses how she likes to and im sure you do too. god you ppl are the hos. what has Paris ever done to you. and for those of you that thinks she does nothing and gets paid for it well your wrong! shes an author, actress, model, singer and a heiress(lol). she just wants to live her life normally and you people are so stubborn and stunned and you just find every reason to bug her!

    Sincerly,Maris Paris (a.k.a. Paris Hiltons #1 fan)

  40. Cynthia

    I am not a coward, and I am not jealous. Sure, Paris has it easy in a lot of ways, but nothing is perfect. Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned through my own hard work. And Paris probably has not had the chance to really learn a whole lot, because you learn the most from your mistakes and your hard work. I wouldn’t know half of anything if I had millions to fall back on. Sure, I would like to have her millions–maybe for a day or two. But life is not about money. The thing that really bugs me about her is not really even her.It is her fans.You fans adore this girl because she is rich. And that is it. If she was a regular girl out here trying to be an actress, well, you probably wouldn’t give a shit. But you are materialistic. I also hate the way she treated people on that stupid show of hers. Obviously Paris was brought up to believe she is ‘special’ because she is from a wealthy family (I blame her parents here). She looks down on anyone less affluent than she is. Like it is easy to earn lots of money. It isn’t. And she never has known, and never will know, how hard money can be to come by. I hate narcissism. I think the most noble thing one can do is take care of others. How often have you heard of Paris doing anything for others? It is all about her. With her millions and her celebrity, she could do a lot of good, bring a lot of attention to causes. But all Paris cares about is attention to her own self. And that is shallow. Why aren’t people paying attention to the few out there who really use their lives to do some good? Have any of you Paris fans even heard of Marla Ruzicka, the 28 year old from California who was killed in Iraq recently? Why was she in Iraq? She was over there helping Iraqi civilians who were left homeless by the war. Does Paris even know there is a war?

  41. charlotte

    Although I am not a big fan of Paris Hilton, but I do try to look at things in a more objective way.

    I mean, how do you think you’d be if you were born into such a wealthy family? She was not raised with the same values as us, she didn’t have to, everything was handed to her. She doesn’t value education because she doesn’t see it as rewarding as most of us do, after all, she knows she doesnt need it to get ahead in life.

    So we might hate her for being who she is, but I think the majority would probably act the same if we were “fortunate” enough to be born into such a family. Come on, she has never even heard of Wallmart – doesn’t that tell you she is NOT like us regular folks? So why expect her to act and think like one?

  42. Cynthia

    Ofcourse Paris was brought up differently than us regular folks. But what the hell is wrong with her disgusting parents? Donald Trump isn’t exactly poor, doesn’t he have way more than the Hilton bunch? Yet, all of his kids are expected to go to college. I am sure there are quite a few very wealthy families in America, but we do not see their kids acting like a tramp. And just because you have lots of money doesn’t mean you have to be completely empty in the decency department. I have seen countless pictures of this girl flashing various body parts to the camera. WTF?!? Does she need attention that badly? No matter how old I was,or how many millions I ‘earned’, my poor mother would die of embarrassment if I was flashing myself to the whole world! But first, she would kick my ass!
    And what about Paris being filmed calling those two guys dirty niggers,then making a statement that she never discriminates against anyone….ever! Yeah,right.
    Everyone has the right to admire whomever they wish. I just wonder when it became admired to act like a slut, call people nasty names and be a complete snob. I guess if you have millions of dollars, glitzy fake looks, and constant scandal surrounding you, people will be so intersted that you can do anything at all. But I will never be a fan of hers.

  43. future oscar winner

    Cynthia I see ur point… very well put, i stand
    corrected… however charlotte made a nice one
    also… i dunno ur both correct.

  44. Classy

    I really thing that all of you ‘Paris haters’ should really look at themselves before making such irrational judgements. I agree with the last few posts, if you are born into a wealthy family, the values and rules ARE NOT the same as the rest of society. I know this first-hand from growing up in a very affluent area, with successful parents. We do not think like ‘normal’ people all the time, we don’t ‘have to’ do very much at all, and many of my friends do take total advantage of their family’s situation, and simply do nothing but flaunt and party and say obnoxious thing…Often I find myself doing the same…it becomes second nature to act inappropriately when you can get away with whatever.
    If you don’t live a life like this, you have no right to judge our lifestyle, just as we have no right to talk down to the lifestyles of the less fortunate. In a life full of parties, multiple estates, luxury cars, and money to burn, I admit we do turn a blind eye to the ‘norm’, but hey thats how we grew up. By no means am I claiming to be on par with the likes of either of these Paris’, but I can very much relate to an affluent lifestyle and upbringing.
    One other thing, people with money often like to be the center of attention, did you ever think of this? And weather you are talking shit about Paris or if you talk highly of her; you must think the world of her to actually waste your breath; and in the world of stardom, any publicity is GOOD for the cash flow.

  45. Sara

    All my friends make jokes about my liking Paris Hilton. But i think she seems to be a nice enough person juts trying to make something off what shes already got. If your in the public eye and you dont mind it…which she most obviously doesnt…well then good luck to her in trying to get the most from it as she can. I know i would!

  46. Cynthia

    The popularity of Paris just shows how truly materialistic and empty our society is.

  47. So, Paris Hilton is the FACE that launched a thousand ships and PARIS is the hot guy who comes to her rescue?

  48. Chloe

    Does anybody know…is Paris his real name? Odd name for a Greek. Greeks normally name sons after their grandfathers or saints.

  49. jackofall

    She finally dates a guy who’s better looking and richer than her and marries him. Maybe shes not so dumb after all. For those of you blinded by the smoke and mirrors, Paris’ looks are average at best.

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