Paris Hilton Does Nothing Worthwhile But We Have To Post This Anyway

August 17th, 2007 // 3 Comments

People are always saying to me “Tell me Wayne, what does Paris do? Why is she famous?” and I say to them “People, Paris is not to be deconstructed like that. She is Paris and surely that is enough.” Usually this conversation is followed by “Shut the F*** up” or “Ugh I can’t stand you Wayne.” So for those people maybe this clip from TMZ can shed some light. She’s actually a really busy girl. So busy in fact that edited a whole day of hers down to one minute and thirty seconds.

“The uber-active hottie began her busy L.A. day accompanied by Las Vegas side showman Jeff Beacher, and while posing for a pic with a mother and her baby outside Fred Segal, Paris decides to one arm grab the unfortunate offspring! Don’t drop the little Louis Vuitton!

It’s good to see that she is finally meeting with some homeless ex-cons about her halfway house she promised to build. Oh wait no, my mistake, that’s Adrian Grenier. Here we go, oh wait my mistake again that’s just a homeless Al Pacino harassing her. I wish I was joking.

By Wayne Ford

  1. Jeanie

    Are you high? That is not Adrian Grenier in that photo. It’s that ass hat who likes to call people fire crotch – Brandon Davis

  2. T-Bone

    I may not have gone to far in School, but it dont take a person with a Hole lot of Smarts to know that Britney is a crack head man stealer. I hope Kevin get them kids and real fast too.

  3. Christine

    i really like her dress.

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