Paris Hilton Back to Life, Back to Reality

Rumor has it that Paris Hilton is in talks with the people behind the UK series, “Celebrity Big Brother,” to negotiate her appearance on the show. With the end of her reality series, “The Simple Life,” it seems that Paris is looking to worm her way back onto the small screen and we all know that she sure isn’t going to be able to do it acting. I’m guessing she’s thinking that this might be a chance for her to try and maintain her stance as a morally-upright citizen who only talks in a baby voice when she’s really nervous. Also, in case you missed it, Paris also mentioned last week that she believes Nicole Richie will be a great mother to her child. She told People magazine:

“I know she’s going to be the best mom ever.”

Ugh, why do these people with no common sense keep giving their opinion on how they think that Nicole Richie is going to be as a mother? Paris probably also thinks that Nicole’s a hell of a driver too.

Paris Continues to Carry Around a Baby After the Jump

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