Paris Hilton Confuses Joe Simpson, Disses Jessica’s Rack

This picture of Paris Hilton is amazing. Look at the group of paparazzi lurking in her shadow. For the rest of her life, this woman will engage in multiple romantic relationships with various partners, but it’s the mutual love shared between her and the pack of photographers that follow her skinny ass around that will endure.

If getting her picture taken gets her orgasmic, then it’s probably a fair assessment to guess that giving interviews is as enjoyable to her as foreplay. She spoke with New York Magazine, continuing her campaign to bad-mouth her peers. She followed up her recent trash(bag)-talking about Kim Kardashian’s ass by dissing Jessica Simpson’s boobies, saying, “I think they’re too…big.”

She said of her own rack, “I like how mine are, I don’t like big boobs.” That makes sense–she probably just wants her body parts to proportionate in size to her brain.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online