Paris Hilton Trots To Turkey

Paris Hilton recently flew to Turkey to help crown the winner of the Miss Turkey beauty pageant. Never one to fade into the background, Paris joined a belly-dancer on-stage wearing a dress with a dramatic plunging neckline. Despite being out of her element (i.e. not on a table-top) Paris managed to keep from falling over.

Paris said it would be her “first time judging anything like this” and came up with a set of criteria to help her decide who should win the crown. “I’m going to look at how the girls carry themselves, what they look like, the way they dress and what they say.” I have a feeling that the girl who won Paris’ heart was the one whose talent was being able to “maintain” after a night of heavy binge-drinking and snorting various substances up her nose.

More photos of Paris Hilton at the Miss Turkey pageant are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN/AP Images/Reuters

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