Paris Hilton Defies Tyra Banks’ Assertion That Modeling is Hard

Paris Hilton exhibits her ability to simulate some dry-humping here with a male model during a photo-shoot for the Fila clothing line. The dude looks like an Ashton Kutcher clone, making me sad that “Punk’d” is off the air because just think of all the pranking possibilities that are going to waste here! Not really–I couldn’t actually stand that show.

Out on the deck of a boat in Marina Del Ray, California, Paris alternates between pretending to be sexy and looking bored, which I have a feeling is remarkably similar to how she behaves during the act of coitus. Only with less of a burning sensation.

Photos: Splash

More photos of Paris Hilton participating in a photoshoot for the clothing line Fila are after the jump.

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Photos: Splash

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