Best Wishes From Paris Hilton To Britney Spears

January 4th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Paris Hilton, jealous of all the attention Britney’s getting with the wobbly she threw, is horning in on her spotlight by affixing herself to the situation like the blonde leechtard that she is. Ok, I’m waxing hyperbolic here but I feel like blaming her. She’s everything wrong with the world. I think she caused global warming. Paris told the paps that she’s “hoping she [Britney] will get better, get some help and do better in 2008.” Oh bitch, you couldn’t be loving this more. You’re the one that calls her “Animal”! Here’s pics of Paris and her younger brother Barron leaving Teddy’s Bar. A picture of you and your brother shouldn’t look like you’re taking him home to bang him!

Photos: WENN

10 more photos of Paris Hilton leaving Teddy’s Bar with her brother Barron are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. Sloane

    So glad you called her on this. I’m no Britney fan at all but those pictures of her hanging on KFed could not have been more calculated. It was truly evil and why she should move to Greenland.

  2. georgia

    To Sloane…

    Bravo! Good point. That never-was-an-heiress-to-begin-with Hilton should move farther away than Greenland. Those conniving press-hogging poses she struck up with Federline were so media-whorish of Hilton, it was disgusting. She never misses a media trick…turning one that is.

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