Looking For Where She Left Her Dignity

Here’s some pics of Paris Hilton heading out for a night on the town, looking to drink some drinks and sink some D in her vast wasteland. Please put another skirt on. Did you know that she’s going to Rwanda? I’m sure her prescence is exactly what the country needed to revive itself from all the genocide and instablility. They could focus on trying to kill her instead! Her visit will be filmed for a reality show called “The Philanthropist”. Granted, watching Paris navigate Rwanda might be good for a few chuckles, but that title alone is enough for me to hope someone is sporting a shoe bomb on her flight over. Reports say that Paris was at Les Deux this night, table-dancing while talking on her Blackberry. And trying for some ex-sex. Because it’s the best sex.

Later, when The Police tune “Message In A Bottle” began playing, “Paris literally kept jumping up and down,” the witness says. “She was doing shots that a cocktail waitress kept bringing around.”

(She even squeezed in some cuddle time with on-and-off beau Stavros Niarchos, whom “she immediately hopped down from where she was sitting and hugged and kissed him” when he arrived, the onlooker said.)

Seems all the partying hasn’t affected Hilton’s judgment: When the lights came on at 1:45 a.m., the heiress (who was arrested for DUI in 2006) was overheard telling pals she wasn’t getting behind the wheel: She hired a driver.

Looks like the DJ is really up on the latest tunes. I hate that Paris dances to a song I like. Ugh. Don’t think for a second that I’m going to give this bim credit for hiring a driver. Her stupid ass should have done that aeons ago. Keep reading for what she had to say about her new show.


Paris promised to visit the country after vowing to reform her life post jail. The new series is set to follow a number of celebrities doing charity work, according to reports.

Paris has said: “I love having everything documented.”

“It shows people what everyday life is like for me, how hard I work. There are a lot of misconceptions about me.”

Word hard? I recently met a designer who works on Paris’ handbag line. She’s never actually met Paris. A flunkie just comes into a room where there’s a huge amount of samples or whatever and points at one to manufacture and leaves. Paris is too busy to show up. It can take a lot of effort to strap that mattress to your back everyday.

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