Who Isn’t Paris Hilton Dating, Really?

Before I launch into some serious speculation about Paris Hilton’s most recent love interest, I have to point out how awesome these pictures are. In particular, this big one really strikes my fancy, and should be named, “Intergalactic Space Bimbo,” if it ever manages to make its way onto a pop-art museum wall. That said, let the dating speculation commence! So, word has it that Paris is now supposedly hooking up with some Swedish tourist named Alex Vaggo. That’s all the info I have on his identity, which makes it sound like a professional vacationer–which would be perfect for Paris. According to a source, who revealed the following to In Touch Weekly:

“He’s travelling through town, and one of Paris’ friends met him and introduced them. He’s really shy.

“Alex is obviously smitten with Paris and is clearly falling for her.”

Now, if you click here, we’ve got some pix of this supposed new boyfriend of Hilton’s, whom Paris finds “really sweet and gorgeous,” according to this mysterious inside source. And speaking of pix, I almost forgot to mention how much I also love the photo in the series right in this post, where it looks like Paris is wearing her dog like a necklace.


More photos of Paris Hilton are after the jump.


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