Paris Has Smoked Everything But Her Tampon …Oh Wait.

Defamer has a whole spiel about that new website detailing every aspect of Paris’ seedy life that her dumb ass left in an unpaid storage locker. And now other sites have picked up on it, and several unsavory photos are all over the ‘Net.

Yesterday, we noted the launch of, the leading online destination for viewing the latest wave of Paris Hilton-produced media that remind the world of the reason the tabloid-ubiquitous hotel heiress is famous: for an unselfconscious willingness to document various physical expressions of her sexuality in front of a video recording device. Our glory-hole-quality-inspecting sister site Fleshbot notes [link probably NSFW] that generous citizens of the internets have already thrown wide the door on Hilton’s virtual storage locker and digitally liberated some of its contents, and has compiled a gallery of screengrabs [link definitely NSFW] of images supplied by their pervy operatives. Sadly, there’s still no photographic evidence of the hastily improvised Discarded Pet Kinkajou Burial Ground we believed had been set up in a cluttered corner of the locker, but there are some of Hilton demonstrating the hottest trend in barely concealed recreational drug use from the local club scene, the Tampon Blunt.


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