Paris Gets Towed

Paris got her car towed. She was driving with a suspended license. Knowing her, she was probably letting her dog drive while she made a call on her cell. There are no rules here!

The star went to the Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood to pick up some DVDs last night at around 10:30, when was stopped by the cops and her car was towed away.

Paris’ publicist, Elliot Mintz, tells TMZ the heiress was exiting the parking structure which “is brightly lit so she had not noticed that her headlights were not activated.” As she drove a few blocks, she was confronted by other bright lights — those of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Paris was pulled over and deputies discovered she was driving with a suspended license. According to Mintz, “If that was the case, she was not aware of it.”

Maybe she should open her damn mail and not use it to light blunts.


More photos of Paris Hilton and her driving drama are after the jump.


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