Paris Filing Appeal/City Attorney In L.A. Restores My Faith In Humanity With His Words


Paris’ camp is already working on the appeal. JUST SERVE THE TIME! Sources say the appeal is being drafted right now and will be filed either today or Monday. I know jail is a scary, scary place with no red carpet or open bar or a good D.J. But honey, you broke the law. In other news, Los Angeles city attorney Rocky Delgadillo (sounds like a porn name) has something to say:

“This decision sends the message that no individual – no matter how wealthy or powerful — is above the law. Today, justice was served.”

Rocky should be wearing blue tights, and a mask and carrying a shield with red and white stripes and a big star on it because that dude is Captain America to me right now. Kathy Hilton was quoted as saying she was “paralyzed” after the decisions. Stop being so actressy. She’ll be back calling you a bitch and demanding money from you for abortions in no time. Yes, Kathy, your family is not above the law. No matter how much money was in that dumptruck you backed up onto Sherrif Baca’s lawn, some people don’t give a shit about who you are.

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