Paris Filing Appeal/City Attorney In L.A. Restores My Faith In Humanity With His Words

June 8th, 2007 // 9 Comments


Paris’ camp is already working on the appeal. JUST SERVE THE TIME! Sources say the appeal is being drafted right now and will be filed either today or Monday. I know jail is a scary, scary place with no red carpet or open bar or a good D.J. But honey, you broke the law. In other news, Los Angeles city attorney Rocky Delgadillo (sounds like a porn name) has something to say:

“This decision sends the message that no individual – no matter how wealthy or powerful — is above the law. Today, justice was served.”

Rocky should be wearing blue tights, and a mask and carrying a shield with red and white stripes and a big star on it because that dude is Captain America to me right now. Kathy Hilton was quoted as saying she was “paralyzed” after the decisions. Stop being so actressy. She’ll be back calling you a bitch and demanding money from you for abortions in no time. Yes, Kathy, your family is not above the law. No matter how much money was in that dumptruck you backed up onto Sherrif Baca’s lawn, some people don’t give a shit about who you are.

By J. Harvey

  1. rootabega

    jesus fucking christ. she is in a private cell! how bad can it possibly be?? my friend had to go to jail for 2 separate weekends for umpteen DUI’s and he enjoyed it. Read a book and relaxed. although he had to watch out for his shoes.

  2. Diane

    Oh JHarvey – you have such a way with words, and I couldn’t agree more – my faith in the California justice system has “temporarly” been restored!!

  3. michelle

    Obviously, she is NOT above the law. In fact, she is being treated worse. It is rare in CA for anyone to go to jail for violating probation in this way (driving w/o valid license). She should not have been sent to jail to begin with. The only reason everyone thinks she should be in jail is because everyone hates her guts.

    I am not a fan of hers, but I feel terrible for her. She seems like she is cracking apart at the seams, and I don’t find this whole thing that funny or entertaining anymore. It’s not funny. Everyone wants to vilify her. It’s a witch hunt and she’s being burned. I have never seen or heard so many people so gleefully reveling in someone else’s misery. It’s quite disgusting. No matter what you think of her she is a human fucking being who appears on the verge of complete mental collapse. That’s funny? Not in my book.

  4. Darth Paul

    Her problem is that she’s never had to do anything she didn’t want to do. Her money absolves her of MOST responsibility, so she acts like a 13yo, despite the fact she’s pushing 30.

    I personally think we need to send Delgadillo a cookie bouquet and strip-a-gram for this glorious civil service.

  5. Molls

    michelle, it’s called karma.

  6. shadygoddess


    Her parents – Rick who only inherited the money he’s got and Kathy who married it – are f*cking scumbags who act all teary and God fearing only when it suits them. And you think Paris is going to grow up any differently?

    They could give a shit whether you like or loathe Paris, all they care about is that their little tart is making them MORE money on top of the stuff they NEVER EVEN EARNED with her bullshit antics. And this particular antic happened in the REAL WORLD where Paris could’ve killed REAL PEOPLE. That’s NOT cool, they cannot buy their way out of it, and they’re pissed.

    No, I’m not laughing at her, I am breathing a sigh of relief for the fact that for once, JUST ONCE, that SOME of the illegal f*cks in this world are getting what they deserve. END OF STORY.

  7. stolidog

    Yo Michele, Paris is a human being that likes to drop the “N” word and the “F” word on camera while dancing around snorting cocaine. If anyone is derserving of compassion, it’s not her (and it’s not Brittney, Lindsey, Misha, Paula, Nicole or The Twins, either).

    I’d MUCH rather pick a random inmate doing time for drug selling while trying to raise two kids on her own and set her free than set this waste of life free, but it aint gonna happen. That’s american justice.

  8. michelle

    I completely agree that Paris is a product of her environment. I also agree that they don’t care if people like them or not. I would never go outside if people talked about me that way. I just don’t agree with kicking people when they’re down, even her.

  9. Nadine

    Amen shadygoddess!! agree with u 100%!

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