Paris Exposed And Getting Paid For It?

Stomping around and acting upset about the whole brouhaha are Joe Francis and his former penis-cozy, Paris Hilton. They claim to have assembled a hell of a legal team (including the spirit of the late Johnny Cochran–well, at least I wish…) whose goal it is to disable the site.

“We’re pissed and I feel for Paris right now. She’s been victimized yet again,” Francis told The Post yesterday. “We want this thing down and we’re seeking monetary damages.”

But The Rad Report begs to differ, claiming that a “super credible source” revealed Paris Hilton is most definitely behind this entire fiasco and that the socialite is benefitting financially from the posting of her naughty shit on the web.

Why have the Paris Exposed videos been edited? Why is there none of her friends in the tapes. And who films themselves naked but doesn’t have sex?

Very valid questions, guys. Very valid indeed. I feel like we’re all sleuthing this out, Jessica Fletcher-style.