Paris Exposed And Getting Paid For It?

January 29th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Stomping around and acting upset about the whole brouhaha are Joe Francis and his former penis-cozy, Paris Hilton. They claim to have assembled a hell of a legal team (including the spirit of the late Johnny Cochran–well, at least I wish…) whose goal it is to disable the site.

“We’re pissed and I feel for Paris right now. She’s been victimized yet again,” Francis told The Post yesterday. “We want this thing down and we’re seeking monetary damages.”

But The Rad Report begs to differ, claiming that a “super credible source” revealed Paris Hilton is most definitely behind this entire fiasco and that the socialite is benefitting financially from the posting of her naughty shit on the web.

Why have the Paris Exposed videos been edited? Why is there none of her friends in the tapes. And who films themselves naked but doesn’t have sex?

Very valid questions, guys. Very valid indeed. I feel like we’re all sleuthing this out, Jessica Fletcher-style.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    Victimized… AGAIN!??? How about paying her storage fees on time or not keeping pictures of yourself barefoot, shitting in a public toilet while wearing a top hat… How about that Mr Classy, underage titty freak!

    She’s a dumb whore, he’s the luckiest idiot on the planet, let’s hope for many more anal rapings for senor francis, the tard.

  2. canadiangal

    Victimized????? Are you kidding me? She planned it for sure. What a whore!!!

  3. Es

    Point taken. But why would anyone want people to know they are taking Valtrex?????

  4. Sarah

    Poor Poor Paris……at least she must be if she can’t scratch up $208 for rent. She coulda stopped this a long time ago. I’ve been hearing about this past due rent of the storage facility for MONTHS!!! She wasn’t getting the publicity she so desperately craves & LET this happen.
    As for the Valtrex…….…….just proves what a brainless twat she is….any publicity is good publicity

  5. KittyLiterati

    I could care less about–I just wanted to note that I’m stealing “penis-cozy” for daily usage. Loves it, Lisa.

  6. Once agaon memory card storage is for like old furniture and clothes not prescriptions and receipts. is she doing her taxes i thought not even if she did u throw away when ur done. This is stupid this reminds me of the kids at school who go man fuck school i smoked a huge boggie last night i did not start the project its due today what 1/3 our grade fuck that man and then complain the teacher is hating on them and the ever popular ” you don’t know me”

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