Paris Either Has A Rash Or Bitch Is Crazy

Honestly, both are poor excuses. And she’s giving a bad name to people who are actually depressed. And who have er…rashes! Isn’t having a rash her deal anyway? There are conflicting reports as to why she was allowed to serve out the remainder of her service in her multimillion dollar home. Besides the fact that justice is dead, and as long as you’re rich, white and famous – you can do anything you want. As soon as I get the rich and famous part down, I’m going to have gladitorial games in my backyard! With death and everything!

Entertainment Tonight Online is saying it’s because of a skin condition:

Sources close to the Hilton family tell ET the medical reason was actually a rash she developed on her body.

According to People, Paris was having trouble behind bars. “She cries all day,” a source told the magazine. “She looks unwashed, she has no makeup and her hair is tangled. She cried audibly through the first two nights.”

Keep reading for the nervous breakdown theory.

TMZ says screw the rash, she was ready to end it:

Psychiatrist Charles Sophy visited Hilton in jail yesterday and the day before. We’re told after Sophy’s visit yesterday, word was passed to the Sheriff that Hilton’s mental state was fragile and she was at risk.

Law enforcement sources have just told TMZ the County Jail medical team made the final decision to spring Paris based on Dr. Sophy’s psychological evaluation. And we’re told, Sheriff Lee Baca gave the final approval.

Jesus H. WHO LIKES IT IN JAIL? You’ve had your freedom taken away from you. Does every prisoner who threatens suicide get sent home for house arrest? I’m guessing there would be a lot of criminals living in our neighborhoods then. “Oh, yes, he wore his grandmother’s face to his daughter’s bar mitzvah but he got really sad in jail so he’s serving the rest of his million year sentence at home. What’s keeping him from killing again? Why, that little plastic bracelet he has to wear on his ankle!” *rolls eyes*