Paris’ Clip-N-Go: $35 Million Hair Extensions Lawsuit

Do you remember a few years ago when Paris Hilton was out endorsing hair extensions? Yeah, I barely remember anything after 9/11 either, but apparently she was the spokesperson for Hairtech International’s Dream Catcher hair extension line back in 2007.

But apparently she forgot she signed up for that job too. Hairtech has filed a lawsuit against Hilton for a whole lotta money.

The company laims she was “seen in magazines and on television not wearing [their] hair extensions and was in fact wearing competitors’ hair extension products.” They were also screwed over when she went to jail in June of 2007 and that she was serving time when she should have been at an important launch party for the extensions.

Hairtech is accusing Paris of fraud and deceit — and claims they ultimately lost $35 million because of her actions.

Seriously, they lost that much money off hair extensions because of her? I didn’t know hair extensions were so lucrative – I’ll chalk that up to another missed career opportunity thanks to my pathetic high school guidance counselor.

Here’s Paris while in Ibiza last month with her famous locks!